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"Mince Pie" trains operate at Downpatrick on 28th December (rather than 1st January as in recent years).


Main line diesel haulage will feature this year, with either (or BOTH) A39 and 146 on all passenger trains.


Departures from Downpatrick are at 1400, 1445, 1530, 1615 and 1700. Departures from Inch Abbey are at


1420, 1505, 1550, 1635 and 1720.


Vintage passenger stock as normal.

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UP, an adult all-day ticket is £5.50, or €7 or so. It's technically a return ticket but you can use it all day. Very good value!


If you haven't been before, check out the various YouTube clips of it, in particular those made in recent times by the superb Mike Beckett. The "vintage carriages as usual" which I mentioned, on this particular day will be all ex-CIE:


Former GSWR all third open no. 836, built 1902 (Second oldest operating coach in Ireland; Downpatrick also has the oldest but it won't be in use that day)


Former GSWR corridor composite no. 1097, built 1924 (Actually into traffic in very early GSR days!)


CIE brake genny standard no. 3223' built 1956



Hope this is of interest.

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Just wondering, does the DCDR allow cab rides?


UP, the DCDR has to comply with the normal h & s stuff - but, depending on a number of circumstances, official arrangements may be made for a payment which basically covers insurance. When there, ask for the duty manager for the day. No guarantees, but DCDR folk will look after you as well as circumstances permit them to.

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