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Wanted - Kibri 39740 - Modern concrete viaduct

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Hoping somebody on here might be able to help.


Looking to source a Kibri 'Modern Arched Viaduct' kit no. 39740. Unfortunately its not available from any of the retailers, it is either 'sold out' or 'on order from our supplier'. It will be produced again sometime in the future but there is no date from the manufacture as to when that will be.


In the meantime I've got a river valley that needs brideging. I have one of these already (sse pic), but require a second to bridge the span. So if somebody has one one of these kits and is willing to part with it, let me know. Preferably unbuilt but I'm open to offers.








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Hi 'burnthebox',

it's close... but a little different. Might work if they were side by side maybe. Might be a little odd if they were joined end to end like I'm planning tough. Planning to have a Girder bridge and the modern concrete bridge running parallel to one another on the layout. To create a focal point without it being over the top! The 'busy-ness' of the girder bridge balanced with the 'plane-ness' of the concrete bridge, if ya know what I mean.


Nice one Dave, I'll check them out.... It's pretty strange alright, having to go to Canada to get a European railway model! I might be in luck... Will let ya know how it works out. Cheers


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