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Hi All


I got a gift of an airbrush for Christmas and I have been experimenting with it to get the hang of it.


I started off using Humbrol enamels but I struggled to get a decent finish. Then I discovered Vallejo acrylics and I am much happier with them, at least until the skill level increases.


I also started off using the car body aerosol primer but again I was disappointed with the results. Then I came across the Vallejo coloured acrylic primers while watching the ScaleModelMedic channel on youtube and I found them much easier to use.


Anyway with all this practice I said it was time for a project or two

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So with a little confidence I decided to convert a second hand BR Class 29 I have (collectors look away now). All my rolling stock is IE Diesel, so the BR livery is a bit out of place. I decided to try my hand at IE-Freight Silver and Black. The long term plan is to respray some MKIIIs to suit my 141/181 and 201 Locos.


After cleaning it down I gave it a coat of primer




Then I gave it a coat of black, from some reading I have been doing since I should really have started with the lighter colours




My next task is to mask it up and spray the yellow warning panel.


I have been reading, that to stop paint bleed, I should give it a light spray of the black over the masking tape before spraying the yellow. Should that black be allowed to dry completely overnight or can I let dry for 10-15 minutes before spraying the yellow.





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