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Anyone use this site or post anything on the Weathering Guru site?

There was a thread about converting the IE Autoballaster Genny on it

Posted a link to Glendergs workbench explaining how he converted it to a standard one, I thought it was very good

and would be of great interest and assistance to the chap carrying out the conversion and indeed anyone thinking about it

My link was taken down

Posted the same link again

Link was taken down again

Now I see that the thread has been taken down.

I also see his sidekick from IRM is very active on the Guru site

The old double act is alive and kicking!

He has either commented on or liked almost every post on the site

Plenty of back slapping for a certain Decal Manufacturer as well,

And people still ask me why he was banned from this site?

Leopards and all that…….

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