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Irish Railway Books in England!

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This reply for friends based in the 'other' island, but our "out of print" service may help others.


It is provoked by the string on Alan's North Kerry book which you can buy from us.


I am one of the founders of a British (London-based) group called The Syndicate.


The Syndicate raises money for Irish Preservation, presently entirely towards the 171 Appeal, to which we have contributed about £10,000. We sell almost every Irish transport book in print and are your first port of call for out of print books (I have a garage full of such books on British Railways).


Our prices are good - we have always claimed to be the John Lewis of railway bookselling!


We've been at it for over forty years, have bought a coach for the RPSI, helped complete the restoration of another about two years ago - but mainly we ask for our money to go to loco preservation. We DID step off this path to send a donation to restore the SLNCR railcar at Downpatrick.


Any of you who may find themselves at IRRS Meetings in London will find the book on sale on our book stand there (we share the profit with the local IRRS Area for this attendance).


Or on any event attended by The Syndicate in England this year -


currently Acton LT Museum Open Day this weekend (15/16);


the Transport Collector's Market at Chiswick Town Hall on 22 March (a good place to find other people interested in Irish railways, as the IRRS runs it!);


Bracknell, Berks 31 May.


Contact me for exact details.


Thanks for reading this!



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As a former financial volunteer for both the RPSI and DCDR I would thoroughly endorse Leslie's post, and the efforts of the "Syndicate". I would thoroughly recommend to all here to support their sales activities, wherever you see them!


And, yes, they do have an amazing selection......

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