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Signalling and controlling train movements in yards, depots etc.

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In the video above 2:50 onwards (credit: Irish Rail Trains youtube channel) you see the Tara mines heading off empty while the 201 approaches on the left inside track with a container train. Just wondering in this instance (my health and safety hat is on now!) where are the drivers getting instructions from? In the case of the 201 there is no signal protecting the points ahead. He rolls the train right up close to the points- but I don't see any protection (signal, trap points etc.) What prevents a scenario where the 201 coming in to the yard and for some reason doesn't stop, crashing into the taras? Are the yards managed locally by on-the-ground personnel? What safety protocols are in place? I'm assuming the guys form a train and release it back to CTC when it's ready to go and vice versa? Any info appreciated, may be of help for operating sessions and prototypical shunting

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Movement in the yards is controlled by the shunters who gives instructions to the drivers. The shunters set the points manually and control the movements of the trains either via hand signals or via a shunters radio to the driver.

Movements into and out of the yard would be coordinated by CTC and the shunter.

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