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The Bush Tramway

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One of my favourite places Pukemiro Junction on a branch line built into the coal field north of Hamilton. The upper part of the branch became home to the Bush Tramway Club with a distinctly American logging line atmosphere. The group has a unique collection of rod and geared engines including locally built Heisler and Climax clones.




Recently overhauled ex-Pukemiro Colliery Peckett storms up the 1:50 to the Junction



White Bush Jigger once used to transport loggers and equipment on a Central North Island bush tramway



Steering wheel operates the bogie brakes!



Pukemiro Yard



Price Bush Lokie cross between a Climax & a Heisler

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The jigger is basically a re-build from the axles up, the steering wheel was fabricated in situ from short pieces of pine and then finished to a curved profile rather than curved in a steam press.


The unfortunate thing is that the operation is so marginal that the owners/volunteers do not have the energy or resources to restore most of the locos and stock they rescued as young enthuiasts 40-50 years ago.



Recently overhauled Pukemiro Colliery Co Peckett This loco was originally used on a private colliery line from one of the local coal mines to the exchange sidings at Pukemiro Junction.



Part of the final bevel drive on a Climax or Price geared loco



The UTA thought of it F216 a steam diesel conversion



Wooden rails Dispatch Foundry Fordson Rail Tractor



Sad end to a loading shovel?


Climax boiler under repair front tube plate cut out for replacement


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