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MGWR 1889 Horsebox

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I just completed the test build of the horse box, need to beef up the strapping detail on the doors. The production versions of the Horsebox and Meat Van should be available before Christmas.


The horse boxes and vans lasted in CIE services into the late 50s, there is a photo of a van in CIE livery with flying snail in Des Cookham's Irish Broad Gauge Carriages.


The kit features fold up and slot and tab assembly, suitable for solder or glue assembly designed for 21mm or OO gauge.









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Most impressive john. Had a go at scratchbuilding one some time ago, but the layers of strapping and detail are immense (total failure incidentally), and you've done a superb job on capturing the detail. And god bless the late des coackham, he loved his aul horseboxes! Richie.

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Final test builds of these vans are complete and I am currently accepting orders/expressions of interest in the MGWR Horse Box and MGWR Meat Van Kits for delivery Autumn 2015. Kits priced $92NZ (£40) with wheels or $80 NZ (£5) without wheels shipping $18nz(£ 8 stg).


The vans can be assembled in OO or 21mm gauge, rigid or compensated chassis. The vans are suitable for assembly by solder or superglue.











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