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mk3 EGV brass etch conversion

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Hi guys,


Looking to convert a standard mk3 to an EGV using SSMs brass etches soon, just a bit nervous as regards what to do, how to fold it, etc... Couldn't find a tutorial? I'm sure there may be one on here.


I haven't tried a brass etch kid before so hence the nerves.



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If you go back to nearly the start of enniscorthyman workbench you

will see some photos of my conversion of the SSM overlay on a old

spare Hornby mk3 restaurant coach.I did find it difficult to get the brass

Sides to curve at the bottom.You will have to cut away part of the sides of

donor coach once you have alined the brass etch.Make sure the brass and

coach sides are scored so they glue well together.Also when painting you

will need to use a primer that can be used on brass.

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If you ask Weshty here (SSM) nicely, he'll fold the sides for you on a rolling machine beforehand and enniscorthyman is right about scoring the sides etc. As for primer, it's a must as paint and brass don't like each other. I dunk the brass parts in white vinegar first for an hour, wash with wire wool, and then use a coat of airbrushed varnish as a primer, and it works fine, but it needs a day to dry.


Halfords sell metal primers which I believe are equally effective. R

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