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  1. Lovely stuff George! Nice to see your still on the scene!
  2. Thanks Fran. Got 071 and 222 as described! Well wrapped, packaged and quickly delivered.
  3. Also one on top of Haulbowline Island, home of the naval service in Cork harbour opposite Cobh train station.
  4. Great stuff guys. As more of an observer and not contributor to the forum, it's nice to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in the community and well done for taking the initiative. I hope this venture goes well and I'll certainly be supporting yourselves going into the future.
  5. One A class was fitted with air brakes experimentally in the 80s for use on the shale trains in the Limerick area, unsure of whether it strayed onto any other air braked stock! Unfortunately I can't remember which one it was. It derailed whilst shunting in Tralee. Of note was also the only A class to be fitted with a digital fuel gauge also.
  6. Ladies and Gents, I have a number of back issues of magazines to give away to a good home if anybodies willing to have them. Today's railway, 2007 Nov 2008 Jul Rail express, 2008 Feb 2009 Nov 2011 Apr 2012 Jan, Feb, Apr, Jun Modern Railways, 2010 Apr 2011 Jun Railways Illustrated, 2010 Mar A few very good Irish sections in the above magazines pertaining to the withdrawal of mk3s, stopping of traffic to Castlemungret both cement and shale. Accompanied by fantastic pictures. Contact me by private message on fb if interested. Please contact before Friday 17/10 or they'll all be dumped. Can arrange pickup in Cork area unless willing to pay for p&p. Will not give away single mags. All to go together. First come, first serve. Tim.
  7. Hi guys, Looking to convert a standard mk3 to an EGV using SSMs brass etches soon, just a bit nervous as regards what to do, how to fold it, etc... Couldn't find a tutorial? I'm sure there may be one on here. I haven't tried a brass etch kid before so hence the nerves. Thanks.
  8. Hi Burnthebox, Spent about 40 minutes watching the three parts to this guys videos of choosing the right airbrush. Similar to yourself I've spent hours in the past reading over things only to become more confused or lack understanding of what is meant by what. Hope this helps. Tim.
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