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Help - Loose gear Hornby Ringfield type 6

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How to fix metal gear back on to ring field motor shaft?


I bought a Hornby R084 LMS Maroon Princess Elizabeth in 1994. I had never taken it out of the box until this evening. In preparation for DCC conversion I decided to see how she would run 'as new' out of the box on DC in case she needed servicing after laying up in the box for 20 years. She ran perfectly for about 5 mins and seemed to have plenty of grease and lube, however she stopped with high pitched whine as the motor ran but no drive. The metal gear had come off the motor shaft inside the tender. I assume it either had some sort of thin metal sleeve to lock it on the shaft, or some sort of lock tight glue. That whole area of the motor is wheel greased and lubed with oil.


Metal gear loose on motor shaft.



It's a Ringfield type 6 motor. Any suggestions how I might re-fix the gear tight on the motor shaft? Will I have to completely disassemble the motor to re-fix it? I'm sure this must have happened to folks before. Thanks in anticipation.


PS: It was a pity because she looked a quick and easy DCC conversation with space for the decoder inside the tender which I would have finished in less that 1/2 hour.

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