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Lima IE 201 not fit for DCC?

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Hi Guys,


I'm in the process of wiring my layout for DCC , I've run the ddc controller in DC mode as I haven't got around to buying DCC chips yet. Except for the Lima Class 201 loco all the other trains tear around the track. I had pretty poor running with all of them until I used a PECO wheel cleaning device I was giving by a guy I know who's late father was a bit train man.


The change in the running on all except the 201 was amazing. I followed the wife around all evening telling her about it....she just kept turning the volume up louder.


I know people have complained about the Lima 201 and its motor, I never had an issue with it prior to this but christ its bad compared to some of my Bachmann and Athearn locos. The lack of pickups doesn't help but is there anything I can do to speed it up a bit.




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Like Riversuir said servicing the motor would be the first think I would look at, then strip down the motor bogie and give it a clean and lubricate it.

Also check the existing wire connections and resolder them if necessary. It's possible to add extra pickups which would be a good idea if you're planning to convert it to DCC.


It's quite possible to get Lima motors to run well, but the performance will be nothing like a Bachmann or Athearn.

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I'll give the servicing a go, Its about 14-15 years old, good physical nick, how or where do I get my hands on extra pick-ups for the 201?


You'll have to make them yourself using copper or brass strip. Here's a video showing how to fit extra pickups to another a class 55; the basic design is pretty much the same for all Lima models.



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Thanks Irishthump I'll give that a try.


I ended up stripping down the engine and found that the right hand gears were jamming every revolution and then the force of the engine moved it on , some gunk got into the mechanism. I cleaned it down put it back together again and its driving along pretty smoothly now.


Thanks for the info guys.



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