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071 Cab Lighting

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Bought one a few weeks ago, only now getting to try it out. As everybody knows they are absolutely fabulous. I put in a 4 pin chip and its runs fab, but cant seem to get the cab lights working, tried F3 and F4 but no joy. Any ideas? (hornby elite controller).


The cab lights are F8 on 071. F0 is the running lights, and F4 turns the head light on.


PS: EDIT - if you used a 4 function decoder you may not have access to the cab lights, but try F8. I used LokSound 4.0 and turned the brightness of the cab lights down using CVs. Out of the box they seemed a little too bright.

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What decoder are you using? The 071 needs a decoder with 6 functions to make all of the lights work.


Thanks guys for the responses. I'm using a 4 function chip, so that may be the problem, i'll try F8 and see what happens. On the instructions in the MM box its says F3 and F4 are the respective cab lights.

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