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DDC conversion of my CP Rail SD-40 2

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Hi lads,


well I've started the DC to DCC conversion of my trains. The BR Class 37 was plug and play so no problem there, the fun started with my Athearn bluebox SD- 40-2 . I looked up youtube and found a great step by step guide.



It took about 3 hours to do but by god it was fun.


The light I had to take out as I want to fit LEDs front and back to I've to order them and a few 2k resistors.


The train itself I bought in Canada back in September 2001 and its running well and its one of my all time fave units.


I've a few F7 A's and a SD70M to convert from my North American\Canadian rolling stock.


More to follow.













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@ Irishthump I haven't hooked up the lights yet, I'm waiting on a batch of LEDs and resistors to fit to it.


@burnthebox I used Digitrak DH126D for the Class 37 as its plug & play, the DH126PS I fitted to the SD40-2. The only major problem I had was soldering the wires to the trucks for the pickups even with the unit striped down . I'm pretty sure there's an easier way to do that part.


Besides setting the new IDs I haven't tweaked the chips yet. Thats for a quiet weekend.



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