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CIE 141 new sound project

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MM 141 + MrSoundguy Zimo sound decoder new version of 141 project


Turn your volume up.


Hope its ok to repost, posted before on the layout thread but thought it would be useful to post here as the video is mainly a MM 141 with Mr Soundguy supplied Zimo sound decoder. I'm really pleased with the sound on the 141 and the way the speaker was so easy to fit without needing to cut any chunks out of the loco chassis. The 'real drive' is a new way of driving a loco, but after a short period of feeling rather mixed about it, have now come to prefer this more realistic way of driving a loco and train. It is just so realistic. No more need for manual notching functions, it just happens intelligently and automatically. Learning to brake rather than just throttling back was new to me, but now that I've got used to it, I'd never go back to the throttle only way of driving one of these amazing MM locos. I love the way she coasts on approaches to stations or stopping points. Just like the real thing you have to plan your stopping distances. In the late 70s I used to have to build inertia DC controllers to simulate this method of stopping or slowing a train. I love it.



EDIT: PS: Mod if I shouldn't have posted this hear and its for the supplier use only feel free to remove the post.

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