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GNR Y8 Refrigerated Van

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Following on from the advice I received on the forum a few weeks ago about liveries, I have completed a Y8 van. I had intended the initial effort to have computer generated sides and then to move on to a plastic version. However, I was revising some other wagons and and found 2 8 plank wagons that I still had to convert. I thought that one could become the Y8 as the Y8 is just over 15ft over body in length, just the same size as the 8 plank wagon.


Attached are a series of photos showing the sequence of conversion


The first photo shows an 8 plank wagon (not) the one converted but the same type. I had to raise the sides and one end as they were lower than the second end.


GNR Y8 van donor cropped.jpg


One end had 2 vertical bracing strips which needed to be lengthened


GNR Y8 van end initial cropped.jpg


The other end had one central bracing strip so this was removed and two new ones added


GNR Y8 van end 2 cropped.jpg


Next on each side the existing door needed to be framed and vertical bracing (plastic strip) as well as 2 small doors (plastic planking sheet) added. The roof was made from card as were the plain curved portions on each end, supporting the roof.


GNR Y8 van initial side cropped.jpg


The wagon was then painted in crimson with a little light brown added. the numbers and lettering were computer generated. I am not sure that colouring for the lettering and the numbers is correct as it does not show up very well. The other side is the same. The black line below the roof represents double roofing.


GNR Y8 van lettered numbered cropped.jpg


This is one end, the other is the same.


GNR Y8 van end painted cropped.jpg


I thought it was too bright so I applied a wash of "Sepia" to the sides and ends and a black wash to the roof.


GNR Y8 van painted weathered end cropped.jpg


GNR Y8 van painted weathered side cropped.jpg


As per the advice the chassis was painted black for this wagon only.



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