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Irish A class sound project now available

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Mr Soundguy

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Hi everyone!. Just to let you all know that I have updated my website mrsoundguy.co.uk to reflect the fact that the A class is now available on the Zimo sound decoders and features the 'RealDrive' mode of operation that gives true coasting and a manual brake button (on F4).


Since the A class locomotive is not available as a ready-to-run model, there is no 'standard' for setting up the decoder to control marker lights, tail lights and cab lights. However, I can customise the project to include lighting control if desired by the purchaser. For information, the default A class sound project is set to to provide the usual directional lighting on FOf and FOr via button F0 as is the accepted norm, and also has FO1 and FO2 set up to operate directionally on button F10. So if you are including red tail lights in your model, connect these to FO1 and FO2. ('FO' means 'Function Output' in case you were wondering :))


In common with all Mr Soundguy projects, the cost on any OO size decoder (8-pin MX645 or MX648, 21-pin MX644, 6-pin MX646 is £95 per decoder. Postage to ROI is £8.20 for international signed-for service. Postage to NI is £4.40 for first class signed-for service. Orders for more than 1 decoder at a time, or a decoder with a speaker ordered at the same time, are sent post-free.


Also, just to clarify the situation regarding supply, there are currently NO dealers, either in Ireland or the UK, authorised to supply decoders, or reblow decoders loaded with Mr Soundguy sound projects. This includes projects on the Loksound platform.


Many thanks!



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