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How to add photos and images to your posts and threads

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Here is a (brief) tutorial on how you can post images, photos and diagrams with your replies and new threads.


First of all, you need to ensure the images are in a format the site likes. Generally if you have used your phone or camera to take the photos, all will be well, but the forum limits are:


  • Formats: jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png
  • Image Sizes: Max of 1024x768
  • File Size: 4MB


Generally, most common images will fall into one of the formats above, and the sizes above, without you having to worry about it. In some cases, (if you use a high end camera typically) the image size will need to be reduced in your favourite image editor.


To add an image to the community, the first step is to click the small Image Icon. you;ll find it everywhere you have the option to add content (quick reply, advanced reply, new post, new thread, etc)




Once the popup appears you have two options.


If the image is already online, or you are linking it from someplace else on the web, simply paste the URL / Address in the box below. You can optionally click to have the forum download a copy of the image and store it locally.




Otherwise, click the From Computer Tab, then click Select Files:




A windows will open letting you browse your computer, simply browse to the image files, and select them (you can pick one, or a group at once)




Then , once you have the images listed like above, click to Upload. You'll then be back in your post with lines like:




In your post. Each of these is one of your images

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