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Mystery carriage

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Dhu Varren

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On a recent visit to Warrenpoint, I noticed what appeared to be a railway carriage across the water near Omeath.



I then went onto Google Earth, and found said carriage, which turned out to be a grounded coach body, roughly where the trackbed of the old DNGR used to be.

Omeath Coach.jpg


Does anybody have any idea of the origins of this carriage?

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I visited it a while ago, it was being repainted then - I recall the owner said that his father used to live in it.

23033071829_0e0558a3dd_k.jpgGNR 6-Wheeler


There's also a lovely example of a GNR full brake in Blackrock, c.1880s again; any more info on it would be useful. Last wooden full brake in Ireland, perhaps, not including GSWR 69?

23318491301_ca00a886e9_k.jpgGNR Full Brake


Please note that I didn't go around jumping fences into people's back gardens to look at carriages! :ROFL:


There was a GNR third at Ballyroney station in very bad condition until about this time last year

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