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Gents, I understand the questions you are all asking. It's unfair for me to go into too much detail while BTB is on his week long cooling off period as he has no right of reply. However, I will say that his behaviour and combative style of posting has aggravated several posters, some of which were established and distanced themselves from the site since. We've let him away with plenty, asked him to change his style previously and he has continued to be sarcastic and combative. People feel Blaine has done the same so we have to treat everyone equally. He'll be allowed to post again within 7 days and we hope it will be in a more friendly manner when he does. He didn't get this yellow card for just the latest foul, but it's a culmination for several previous fouls.


If anyone wants to discuss further they can contact the mod team via PM or discuss via email etc. We would ask you to allow this topic to remain on course and not become another battleground as we'll just lock it if it does. Thanks.

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