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MIR 121 and 071 part finished kits for sale.

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I have a MIR 121 and 071 part finished kits for sale.150 euro for both kits.

The 071 has a hardwired decoder built in with directional lighting.Obviously the loco needs painting.The only thing missing is brass wire for handrails.Everything else is there including IR decals and numbers.

The loco runs on a Blue line sd9 chassis which has never run and only had a quick test run a few weeks ago.

The 121 body is good to go bar some finishing touches.She comes with two athearn SW1500 chassis that need work such as wiring to get going.The kit comes with white metal parts.One bogie side frame is broken - missing centre part.

I have had these in the shed for a number of years on the long finger to finish,so it's time to see if anyone wants them.

150 euro the lot.



































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Looking at kits of a 121, whatever they use as a casting for the cab roof always seems to look a bit out of scale. I would be inclined to add a plasticard roof instead, thinner and not sticking out so much.


While the roofs were obviously painted orange, unless straight out of the paint shop a bit of weathering would always be appropriate. The cabs of 121s were taller than the 141/181 type, thus when operating as part of a 121 / 141 "pair", the cab roof of a 121 seemed to get dirty quite quickly.

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