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Siku Luas

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Spotted these in Symths toys store today while looking around for a Christmas present.

The model it's self is a great build & high quality, tho, because it is a German built train by Siku, the unit is a German train in the Luas tram livery. I think it fits TT gauge track. It is Siku product No. 1646 "Nahverkehrszug/Local train/ Train de banlieue"


See Siku.de for more information


Unfortunately the images won't load.

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you just made my Christmas tony.

Was only trying be polite & not offend as I do not know if the person in question (or even a robot) is a Madam or a Sir, but I'm glad to hear that I have made your Christmas :)




I think it'll take more than a bit of tinkering, as the model is smaller than your usual HO/OO stuff, plus the fact the bogies on it don't swing at all, in fact the only things that do move is the couplers & the wheels that turn, but, if your going tinker it, why not the extra mile & hack it so the middle has its own carriage like the ones IRL, I'm sure you could do this cheaply by buying another two (three in total) & use the couplers from the spares, & any left over wheels, you could use on a 1/76 road digger to turn it into a RRV.


Did I mention that Siku make a even smaller version of this model with same size of couplers in a red park & ride livery? No? Well, just as well I just did ;)

^it may come in handy.

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