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Class 181 roof detail

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I have recently bought an SNCF G 2000 BB locomotive. It is made by Hobbytrain and is similar to a class 141/181 family as it has a narrow engine body and a cab at each end as well as guard rails running a long each side of the engine.


I wish to make this into a class 181 look-a-like. I have looked on the forum and the wider internet for photos of the roof of a class 181 but have not found any that I feel positively shows all of the detail of the 181 roof. By roof detail I mean the tops of the cabs as well as the engine.


Can anyone point me to photos or explain how the detail differs from the class 121 and the class 141. Some photos seem to suggest that the may be rectangular grills on the engine roof similar to the class 121 other photos suggest there are none.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Jason Brady and DiveController


Thanks for your comments. Perhaps I should have said that this will be an N Gauge model so items as small as the 7 grills are unlikely to be replicated.




I have seen some photos of roof details of a Murphy 181 but if you have such a model I would appreciate a photo looking directly down on loco.



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