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Videos on the use of !

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Hi Guys

Just to let you that once I've completed my house move I will be doing some videos at my workshop on silicon and it's uses, how to cast using resins and 2 packs and various thickners and powders and colourings and improving on basic mold shapes and a bit a fun with 3D printers although very versatile they are not the be all end all of modelling. So anybody interested watch this space. But in the meantime if your into trying your own castings and want some advice just ask.:trains::dig:


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Depends on if you want to cast in resins or plaster and what your casting but as Nelson says try Sylmasta but to begin with I would try a resin that can take a paste hardner as opposed to a liquid hardener as your hardner amount is equal to the size of a pea in quantity and will cure in bout 20 minutes otherwise you get into liquid hardner curing times extend considerabley. Idealy you want a room temp no lower than 65fah although you could go lower but then you risk condensation cure effect and by that I mean that your work may be in a very cold part of your workshop or room making waterdroplets and if this gets onto the work it turns white and this tells you that you have moisture in the air and will need to be dried and this will slow down the curing process and in some cases stop it so that your work remains tacky, and you also have to factor in color pigment for your final color and srinkage and srinkage can be avoided or reduced by using filler powders like plaster of paris. so i suggest you buy a small resin pack with paste hardner to begin with so if you mess up its only a small quantity.

If your into plaster of paris then thats fairly simple and very brittle but it works.

On the other hand you can hang on for couple weeks till I put up a video on how to do.

There is nothing worse than producing a model to mold up only to have what we call a sticker in the trade and it then has to be put aside to start again and the frustration it causes !Heating your room ! try to avoid gas heating cos this will produce condensation everywhere need I say more ! hope this helps and sorry for the delay in replying.


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Just a word of advice, any of you guys out there planning to buy starter kits for resin casting for a "just like that" starter to be aware that although it may be the cheapest online etc and all you have to do is add this and that and you'll get a brilliant duberry ! Usually means that you may well mess up first time and if you do mess up it's with the whole 500 grams that you have just bought thereby you have to spend another 30 spondulas to replace what you have just lost all because of a truly misunderstanding mistake.In 40 years of working with resins castings and fibreglass the amount of guys who have said Peadair I bought this stuff and what should I do to get it right even though it's in the destructions the problem arises from not understanding the process and the chemicals in use and their character so take the time to learn if your a first timer cos we all have to start somewhere and never think that you know it all simply cos your first cast was a success, I know cos I've had some very expensive stickers and I have tons of experience cos it only takes one mistake to ruin possibly hours of work prior to moulding.

But if your able to wait for my how to do series or vids or whatever you wanna call them we can have a bit of fun achieving our aim.

Peadair :dig: this is hard work I tell ya !

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