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Getting cranky in my old age :)

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I'm clearly getting grumpy as I get older.



I managed to blow a DCC Concepts chip while testing the led lights I fitted front and rear to an Athearn DC loco , the wiring wasn't tied down and the cover was off the loco so I was just running with just the chassis. It worked fine but a wire managed to hit a live rail.


Chip is now dead, my fault.


Fired a mail off to DCC Concepts and got a mail back , part cost replacment which is good considering I killed it.


"Noting that you may not have that much experience with fitting decoders, we are willing to offer a replacement at half retail price."


That above line in the email annoyed me , seven locos in converted from DC to DCC I suspect I might have an inkling about what to do and I did explain how the wire accidently hit the rail.


I blame Brexit :)


Over-sensitive on my part?



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