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DSER or BCDR? 4-4-2T scratchbuilt for sale

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Hi guys,


Scratchbuilt loco for sale.


I believe it is a DSER tank or possibly BCDR but for some bizarre reason it has BR crests. Anyone have any ideas for sure?


Looking for 60 euro sold as seen. It does run but needs cleaning up. The brass work is neatly made but will obviously need cleaning and a repaint.


Please contact dmmodelmakers@gmail.com if interested or for more info.





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At the risk of causing indigestion among the purists, if properly cleaned up it could pass a generic type for many origins. If it's to be GSR, just a slight shade lighter grey, if BCDR their dark lined green. The DSER (and later GSR / CIE) did have locos which weren't at all unlike that. Depends on how particular you are about accuracy.

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The loco looks closer to a LNER C13 Great Central K9 http://www.lner.info/locos/C/c13.php or possibly an ex-WLWR tank 4-4-2T https://transportsofdelight.smugmug.com/RAILWAYS/IRISH-RAILWAYS/CORAS-IOMPAIR-EIREANN-STEAM/i-DvHBvGf/A than a DSER or County Down loco.


The GSWR rebuilt the WLWR locos with higher tanks which somewhat spoiled their appearance.

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