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Original Magheramorne Spoil Contract & 1909 agreement between GNR(I) and Post Office

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I need to thin out the Catacombs Upstairs, and to this end I offer the following:


I have the following for sale, both of which fill significantly sized brown folders.


1. The original contract between the GNR(I) and the Post Office for the use of telegraphy / telegram equipment by the railway. This lists every single townland the GNR served and is of great interest to anyone interested in signalling and telegraphs, a much-ignored part of railway history. The original document dates back to 1858, pre-GNR days, and is supplemented by various other documents taking the story up to 1909.


2. The entire file and contract relating the UTA / NIR spoil trains, the last normal steam operation in Ireland. This includes correspondence relating to working practices, wagons, their allocation and repairs. All of the plans and arrangements for the very last ever steam train are included, 2nd May 1970. Much other valuable information is included, such as correspondence between the Stormont Government, NIR, train crews and the Blue Circle Cement Co., Magheramorne. A fascinating file relating to Ireland's last ever regular company steam workings.


Given the historical significance of the above, I would ask for €30 for the Post Office Telegraphs contract and supporting documentation, and €50 for the Magheramorne stuff. Postage at cost; pickup may be arranged in Dublin.


I also have a large amount of 1930s traffic circulars of GSR & GNR origin. If someone offered me €40 for the lot I'd be happy with that.

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