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GNRi Platform Canopy

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Would anyone have a drawing showing the dimension of the typical timber canopy awning over many GN station platforms - as shown below.


If no drawing exists, maybe someone could take a measurement from a 4mm scale one?



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Hi Tony


I don't recall where I saw this, but many years ago I helped build a Southern railway(UK)layout and one of the thing we built was a station canopy, we looked around at a number of SR stations but we found that most of them where different, but what did stick in the mind was that if you took any two points which were the same the distance between them was always the same along the whole length of the canopy, at one station they where repairing and repainting the canopy, I found that they used 6 inch x 1 inch pine to make the edge in your photo, just how tall that comes out on your model I thing will be a guess unless you have a second reference point.


I am sure some one makes that pattern in OO/4mm Brass, if not why not try these people




Or you could try these people as well




either might be able to help, if you have a drawing.



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