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Bon débarras photo rust bucket

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Good riddance PhotoBucket. :banana:


Kingsbridge layout and work bench photos are back. :)


As many are already aware Rust bucket disabled 3rd party links which made all the photos disappear. Fortunately I've managed to bulk transfer my entire my photo library while preserving album structures to another host, and redirect the links here so my photos should be visible once again. It may take an hour or a few, but worth it for others not to loose visibility of informative photos on the forum. My thanks to Stephen for his assistance enabling me save my forum posts with images.

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One way of moving from PhotoBucket and reinstate broken image posts on forum


There are different ways of restoring broken PhotoBucket images in your forum posts, this is the way I did it, not necessarily the best, but it worked a treat for me and done in an evening. I was NOT going to fork out $400 to PhotoBucket to enable 3rd party linking! I already had a private web host available to me so was able to skip item 1.


The key premise is not wasting time having to visually match photos with forum posts as this would be too time consuming.


  1. Use basic web site hosting package and a domain name (approx €45pa + €10pa respectively), there are cheaper alternatives.
  2. Create a folder on your PC to receive your PhotoBucket images
  3. Create subfolders using the same subfolder album name structure as they were stored in your photobucket albums url
  4. Download an entire PhotoBucket album to your PC or Mac in one step using the 'Download Album' option (rhs of page). Might take some time if your album has many pics or they are not compressed.
  5. Upload album folder(s) from your PC to same folder names on your web site using an FTP tool to bulk upload entire folders (many hosting packages provide this tool on their control panels, or if your techie just use any FTP tool). Make take some time - coffee or go do some modelling while waiting. :)
  6. Request temporary 'edit' permission for your forum account from site admins, so you will be able to edit your own old posts that contain image links using tags
  7. Edit the PhotoBucket URLs in any of your effected posts (i.e. edit tags)
  8. Just swap the domain name from the PhotoBucket one to your own web sites domain name (see example below)
  9. It is vital that the folder/directory structure is identical to what it was on PhotoBucket. This way the editing of posts will be really quick and you won't even need to know what each photo is match with which thread, because the folder paths will be preserved. Just swap the domain names.





The long winded bit of the URL doesn’t change, just the beginning bit.


I didn’t even have to know what pics were in what threads, I didn’t even have to look at the photos or remember what their names were, just edited my posts and changed the domain name from PhotoBucket URLs to my own host. This is much faster than uploading photos to a new photo hosting site because you would have to rematch photos visually, this way you just know each URL will be the correct photo.


Hope this makes sense. There are other ways, but I was in a hurry and hadn't time to experiment. I've managed to get all most posts here and on other forums fixed really quickly. Thanks to admin for his help.

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