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GNRi UG Class 0-6-0

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I've just received my GNRi UG class kit from Worsley Works, only ordered it yesterday!

Anyway, its a nice looking series of etches in brass and nickel silver chassis. I know nothing about kit-building in brass and was wondering if there is anyone out there who has attempted a build like this in the past. 

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The Worsley Works Kits are intended as scratchbuilders aids for experienced modellers, basically saving the work of cutting out parts with a piercing saw or by drilling and filing. 

The Worsley Works Kits are more basic than the current generation of etched brass kits and do not include the slot and tab and modular construction used to simplify construction in kits like the SSM SG-SG2 0-6-0. 

Apart from the castings mentioned by Weshty you will need brass tube for boiler, wheels, gearbox, motor, bearings, 0.45 & 0.7mm brass wire for handrails and pipework, handrail knobs and small metric or 8 & 10BA nuts and bolts to assemble the loco, solder, flux and specialist tools.

There are fewer suppliers of scratch/kit building components Markits carry a wide range of parts and their wheels are bullet proof for OO http://www.markits.com/. Alan Gibson produces a large range of components including things including straight brass wire in various diameters and handrail knobs, Alan Gibson loco wheels are not as easy to set up or durable as the Markits Wheels. http://www.alangibsonworkshop.com/. High level Kits and Branchlines

PO Box 4293,  Westbury, Wiltshire  BA13 9AA

Telephone: 01373 822231

Supply motors and gear boxes with a wide range of reductions for 4mm locos.

On the plus side scratchbuilding or building a loco from a kit can be a much more satisfying experience than buying read to run and a loco with Markits Wheels, good quality motor and High Level or Branchlines gearbox is likely to out perform and outlast a lot of modern RTR locos.

Probably best to start out with a good book to get an idea of whats involved in etched loco construction, Iain Rices Etched Locomotive Construction has been my bible since published https://www.amazon.com/Etched-Loco-Construction-Iain-Rice/dp/090686786X, failing that DLTs LSWR K10 thread on RM Web is a good example of the challenges involved in assembling older more basic loco kits. Some of my notes on assembling a SSM MGWR tank which is close in terms of general design to  Worsley Works kits 

 5 years later I still haven't finished this loco or the NZR tank, 21mm gauge has the advantage over OO of allowing the motor to fit between the frames





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