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New Athearn Genesis product announcements

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Athearn have announced some new products at the big National Train show today.


They're going to update their existing SD70ACes to cater for the most current production type which includes the Norfolk Southern heritage locomotives.



Rather disappointingly, instead of doing a proper ES44AC GEVO, they'll be painting up their Ready to Roll AC4400s in the heritage scheme. Maybe Intermountain will come good here.


Also announced is a new 57' Reefer freight car (With digital sound!)


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That's a really cool feature with the sound on the Reefers Fran. They have come a long way since introducing the Genesis range. 12 changes to the SD70ACes is a brave move. Thanks for sharing Fran I might invest in some American stock when funds allow it.



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yep I think it was only a matter of time before we got rolling stock with DCC sound. If you think about it there is always a wall of noise generated by coaches/wagons when they pass you on the real railway, sometimes as loud as the locomotive itself. This is one area that DCC sound falls down in for me. All well and good having the locomotive fitted with sound, but without sound of squeaking, coupliers clanking and wind etc. coming from the rolling stock behind the illusion is ruined somewhat!

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