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Goods Store Openings

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Just wondering if anyone has modelled similar buildings and could offer me approx dimension for width and height of openings in 4mm for a loco to pass through, as in the picture below.


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I use an ope size of 46mm wide by 64mm to top of arch - this seems to fit all locos & wagons I have. 

It also fits the arch sets available from scalescenes which I use to detail the building.


That's a really nice photo and would make an excellent model - huge amounts of detail and would set back nicely into the board with a low relief backscene 👍

Where was it taken?



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I thank you for your comments and advice. Believe it or not but I ordered the Wills SS55 set on Monday and was going to base my opening on the nearest possible arches to 48mm wide by 62mm high - not too far away from yours! The photo on the other hand comes from my hometown Omagh, and it was sited just 5minutes walk from here. It has sadly been tumbled and replaced by the Omagh Station Centre, a community facility for the youth in town. The architects did however salvage a lot of stone and red brick to form beautiful arches inside the foyer and all round the site. Part of it still remains at the rear which I use for matching colours.

I took the photo below in 1992 before it was knocked down.





Good Shed-2 Dec 1992.jpg

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