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Live Stream Poiish AF 100 years Anniversary show - Radom Today Live Stream

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Well, that was very good - they had some weather issues, with rain and a low cloud-base at times, but they worked around it nicely. The stream was good quality and worked very well.
A Mil 24 was thrashed about for a while and the Frecce Tricolori display was proper tight stuff. A Sukhoi 27 was put through its paces - and a Saab Gripen.
There were displays by old Iskras and the new PZL trainer.
There was a Finnish team flying four BAe Hawks, but one of them had an undisclosed 'difficulty' half-way through and had to clear off out of the way of the remaining aircraft.
There had been a weather hiatus before the Gripen display and the poor squaddie who was filling in on the Tannoy found himself set up and having to propose marriage to his girlfriend to the ever-romantic sound of a Gripen being thrashed past behind him, as the weather had lifted by the time the trap was sprung..
The commentary was not the usual irritating Tannoy bellow, although the Italian woman was a bit shrieky and induced me to turn it down a bit. It was also notable that the marshals were very aware of being 'in the way' at times and kept moving, even dropping below the sight line at times, for the benefit of the observing crowd.
There were two solo F-16 displays at the end, when the rising cloud base allowed, a Belgian one and a Turkish one. The Turkish chap was quite hard on the plane - they struggled to keep the camera on him - I certainly wouldn't let him drive my car!
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