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7mm scale J15 kit

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David Holman


At Guildex last weekend, had the opportunity to browse the remaining items from Richard Chown's estate.

 Was surprised to see a J15  etched brass kit from TDM Models. Learned that the letters stand for Terry McDermott, the originator (?) of Studio Scale Models. Am told it should make a more than decent model, but any information about the kit is welcome. Seems to be 4mm scale blown up to 7mm and clearly dated 29th November 1998.

 Know this because in the box is a letter from Terry to Richard, apologising for the delay in producing the kit and also a gentle reminder that he still owed £2.50 postage and packing!

 Given what a prolific builder Richard was, am a little surprised the kit remained unbuilt for nearly 20 years. Needless to say, I intend doing something about that - though maybe I might wait until 29/11 and it's 20th anniversary.

 Also bought one of Richard's signals and a pack of coach wheels and broad gauge loco axles.




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The inter relationship between TMD  & SSM under Paul Green's ownership is a bit complicated.

The initial range of locos and stock including a Glasgow and South Western 0-6-2T, MGWR 0-6-0T, J15 and GNR(I) S Class 4-4-0, 4-4-2T and GNR Coaches designed by the late Eamonn Kearney. Paul Green appears to have acquired the rights to the existing Irish range of kits during the late 1980s and expanded the range introducing the GNR(I) goods brake and SG 0-6-0, GSWR 6w coaches and whitemetal wagon kits. 

To complicate things TMD introduced the GNR (I) Compound and GSR Bredin coaches after SSM had acquired the existing range of kits. The Compound was kind of joint venture as it used an SSM S Class tender

Funnily enough I convinced myself that the 7mm J15 frets were produced in nickle silver or maybe I was because the 4mm kit was produced in n/s during the later stage of Paul Greens ownership 

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