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A festival to remember

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By rights this should be in a "Jokes" thread but as it is a true story it ended up here.
A couple of local lads headed off to a music festival in a car and by all accounts they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Festival over, somewhat the worse for wear, they headed back to the field where they had parked the car and there it was…...gone. Yep the car was nowhere to be seen. So you can imagine the state of the two well hung over festival goers as they trudged back out to the road. Luckily they came across a member of the boys in blue who was out directing the festival traffic. They unloaded their tale of woe on the officer who was most sympathetic and surprisingly helpful. He pointed out that owing to the festival traffic it was unlikely that the stolen car would have been driven very far. He got the details, got on the radio and alerted all the patrols in the area. The two lads gave personal details and trudged on to the nearest town.
A couple of hundred yards down the road they spotted the car parked in a field. Yep you guessed it. Being somewhat below par after a weekend of festival festivities they had gone to the wrong field to collect the car. Over joyed the two lads collected the car and headed out on to the road to join the festival traffic.
Half mile down the road they were pulled over by the lads in blue who recognised the car as the one reported stolen a short time earlier.
 Definitely a festival to remember

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In the 70s, I used to park my old Honda 400 in the some place every Saturday and then pop round the town to get my few bits and pieces. One day, I arrived back there to discover no bike. Ah, well, it was bound to happen, things were a lot easier to steal back then. It was only a few yards to the cop shop and I had to wait for a couple of people to sort their business out before I could burden the desk sergeant with my situation. As he was filling in the details, I suddenly had to admit that I had remembered where I had really parked it, as my usual spot had been full that morning...


At my last school, we had an even-more-obnoxious-than-usual teacher and he had an old white Mini. Someone had the bright idea of playing a trick on him. We got some red poster paint from the art room and a load of us moved his car across the car park and painted it red. I was walking across there at home time and it became clear that he had reported it stolen. He was talking to two coppers in the middle of the car park as I went past - "What was the registration number, Sir?" - "K365RFE, Officer" - Really, Sir? Is that it over there?" I nearly died - I had to walk a good hundred yards before I was out of sight, with the tears nearly rolling down my legs....


When I had a 'real' job, we had a manager who was staggeringly inept - one of his many events was to report his car stolen because he had driven to the canteen in the rain, but it had stopped and was quite sunny when he came out, so he walked back - and couldn't find his car to go home..

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