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Planning for the future...

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Looking at the wishlist of existing and forth coming IRM models, I suddenly thought of the future. When my time does come to exit this mortal existence I would not like to see my hard earned rolling stock go to waste. The answer? I've decided to follow the pharohs of ancient Egypt and build a pyramid so as I can take all of this rolling stock with me. Nothing as ostentatious as the Great pyramid of Giza I might add. Just something modest, complete with hidden rooms, blind passages, a trap or two to ensure I get to enjoy my hobby in the next existence.  Anyone recommend  some architects that could see this through from planning to final build?

Just had a final thought. What happens if the electricity in the here after is a different phase to ours? Better add a generator to the list of necessities for the pyramid.

As I am still planning this any  useful suggestions would be gratefully received.

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