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Hey Guys,

I have a few items – Marklin trains, carriages and equipment) that might be of interest to some on this site. I don't, as yet, have pictures, but provided are all reference numbers and descriptions (loosely translated).  Most are pre-2000, unused and still in the box. 

Or indeed, would anyone be so kind as to advise me as to where to take these items (online or other) to better gauge a valuation? I know e-bay is the place to go in general for selling purposes, but I would like to hear from a specialist audience, such as yourselves.

I understand this is not alot of information on the products, but again, as yet, its all I have.

For transparency purposes I myself am Irish and in Ireland, but the seller, a relative, is in Germany and is not especially computer literate.

Thank you in advance.




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Thier are two railway trading groups on Facebook one irish and one uk/European the European group domt seem to hold back on telling you whats good and value for money plus the admin is engaging so you could message him privately.. be warned I have seen a guy try sell some weathered locos and it didn't take long for the experts too take hold off the comments section on his advert admin included 

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