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  2. London Festival of Railway Modelling is now cancelled - RMWEB
  3. I got copy of New Hornby Book of trains today. Hornby Irish Slainte express train set in 1976 Sold through Kilroy Brothers of Dublin ( included solo irish Hymek and MK2 coaches). Do any know information about Kilroy Brothers of Dublin sell hornby Irish stuffs to some Irish dealers?
  4. Good find Dave. Above was diecast bogie triang motor. Did R768 CIE hymek made plastic bogie with Ringfield (silver seal) motor in late 1977/eary 1978? here is the service sheet date 1978 showing R768. Maybe hornby List R768 CIE with new chassis with ringfield motor in 1978 but never production for Irish market?
  5. Hi, Can you put price on list? I send you PM. I will pass to some Marklin forum members in Ireland if nothing interesting.
  6. I still have one APT train set date 1980. Complete and Never used.
  7. Some images in link https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/5221-goods-wagons-in-the-fifties-and-a-uta-example/
  8. Yes the results are in yesterday. https://hornbymagazine.keypublishing.com/2019/10/12/hornby-magazine-model-railway-awards-winners/
  9. See page 725-729 in Railway Modeller September 2019. Layout look great with class 201 with MK3 orange livery and other class111, 071 etc.
  10. Hattons is no longer dealer of Bachmann branchline from August 2019. The preorder have all cancelled. Hattons stock new item date up July 2019 and still selling second hand items only. See RMWEB forum for detail.
  11. Big Boy back on track after display for 60 years.
  12. I use Lokshop.de and and delivery to UK 2-3 working days. I log in check price - 20% cheaper new items marklin that ebay.de Delivery in hard parcel box, No damages so far.
  13. The NDMRS 2019 Exhibition will be held on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April at Bangor Grammar School. List- Layouts Road Runner Diorama Les Conn Santa Clarita & Los Zapatos Les Conn Charlie the Choo Choo Les Conn BlumentopfbahnLes Conn Circus & Zoo layoutErne MRC Glenabbey No 1 Layout Glenabbey MRC Mill Road NDMRS Overlord Chris Meades Duncluchan & ArdkrovinIst Bangor MRC Octavia HillTony Ragg Dunster Diorama (Lego )John Sinclair Kildare Town SDMRS T Trak layout O'Connor Michael Silburn Ulster MRC Brick IE Lego layout Ronald Vallenduuk Felldown Warley MRC Under the Swan rockDavid Wynne Displays- Diorama War scenes Stephen Armstrong 7mm Scale Locos Phil Aspinwall Miniature Railway Display Belfast & Co Down miniature Railway Display of Planes Bangor Electric Flying Club Display of Planes Belfast Model Flying Club Indoor Flying Display Belfast Model Flying Club D.A .M.E ( Display of Dolls Houses & lego layout)Lorraine Welsh/Ann Clark Diorama - Battle of Clontarf Michael Delaney Diorama - Last Flight of FW Condor Michael Delaney Display of BCDR railway items Downpatrick & Co Down Socy Fhinda Fhinda Weathering Demo Graham Linehan Demo Kit Building Jackson Display of Matchstick Models Peter Harris Display of Computer Controlled Layout Merg Loco Repair Hospital MRSI Curracloe/Saving Pte Ryan MRSI Davony Heath (under construction)MRSI Brass Coaches Kit Building Richard McLachlan Display of Kit Built Planes IPMS(UK) Ni Br Radio Controlled Boats Pickie Boats Dolls House Miniatures Karen Sinclair Demo loco building Raymond Wilson Traders- Sales Models;Scenic & Accessories Joe Barlow Display/Photographs Belfast & Co Down Railway Trust Sales kits & Videos D&E Videos/DC kits Display of Laser Cut Buildings Eddie Hall Model Train sales Chris Dyer Die-cast Models sales Roy Sales Irish Outline Models Irish Model Railways Books, Badges etc Irish Steam Pres Socy Sales of Boats, Planes, Trains ,Cars etc Marks Models Baseboards Construction Model Rail Baseboards Sales Second Hand Railway Stock NDMRS Sales of LGB/Fleischmann Donal McBride Sales Irish goods models Provincial Wagons Sales Model Soldiers Warren Rainey Sales Model Railways and Scenics The Junction Box Sales Tools, Electrics etc Squires Sales Trucks & Rally Cars Truck & Rally Cars
  14. Done, Best of luck!
  15. 39005 Express Steam Locomotive with a Tender, Road Number 01 202 Prototype: Express steam locomotive with a type 2´2´T34 coal tender, road number 01 202. Version as Swiss Pacific Association museum locomotive road number 01 202. Includes older design boiler, silver boiler bands, shortened running boards, Witte smoke deflectors, and an inductive magnet. The locomotive looks as in currently does in real life. 29013 Track 1 Digital starter set. Marklin free pocket watch.
  16. Rolling stock Add to my collection. 94508 25 years of Gyor factory special item. 48952 Marklin days 2018. 48418 Christmas wagon 2018. 4441T tank wagon Transportation Crops US Army tank wagon special (hard to find). 100 years of Steiff bear van with truck. 30760 Class ETA 150 Battery-Powered Rail Car with a Class ESA 150 Control Car. A Märklin classic from the Seventies, Retro packaging based on the historic packaging from the Seventies. Now with digital.
  17. Marklin 18080 Double Decker Bus with "Märklin" Advertising. limited edition for Insider club membership. Realization for the first time of an historic bus that has been in the Märklin archive for about 80 years but that until now had never been produced by Märklin. Sold out at Marklin.
  18. Latest arrive Special item 33912 BR03.10 in Dark green livery. Latest arrive 3791 Digital version to join 3391 analog version (same livery). Marklin 37351 LGB 50 years Swiss Electric Class Re4/4
  19. Show weekend next week. Any list of exhibitions/traders attend?
  20. Latest arrive - Marklin 39006 BR01 Christmas digital sounds with tree light up .
  21. R768 issue date 1976 - hornby book. .
  22. R768 Irish hymek, R720 and R721 MK2 Coaches issue in 1976- info from hornby book. SP-Specials.
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