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Malahide scenes

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Saw the Tara going through today, and the Enterprise back in 1987....



But there was an issue with the Cork service today. Due to the less frequent service as a result of Covid-19, crews are less familiar with the route knowledge aspect of it. The crew of the 11:00 to Cork got lost today, and are shown here entering Malahide, where the driver had to stop to ask for directions.

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Today, the above three sets were in action, plus a 2-car 2700.

They'll be rotated, as will locomotives from time to time. There are five sets of 0 gauge stuff made up for eventual use on the overhead track. These are from the "Castle" models - i.e. the stuff built in the 1990s for the old Malahide Castle layout. From memory (it's weeks since i put them in boxes), there is a J15 plus a couple of six-wheelers, a few wagons and a van, for a 1950s set. For the 1960s, a 141 and coaches in black'n'tan. For the 1970s an 071 and Mk 2 set. For the 1980s another 071 with a mix of bubbles, Guinness four wheelers and 4 wheel container flats.

There's a "C" which can also do the 1950s or 1960s set also.

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