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Evening Folks

Im looking for some recommendations for a newbie's entry into the world of DCC -

I have to be honest and say the last time I really passed more than a glance at the subject was as probably salvating over the Hornby ZERO in the catalogue about 40 years ago.

Now that Im building my first layout since then - Im really looking for the Idiots Guide to DCC  ( and I mean Idiot!)

Any recommendations or advice would be most welcome - Im looking for a system that will allow me to run a mainline and branchline with 3 or so typical Irish rural stations etc etc.





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The Roco Multimouse is an economical and very simple entry into DCC controllers, one can then upgrade to the Roco z21 for a bit more punch and can be optioned to be controlled from your mobile phone, the Multimouse can be used with it also and not become redundant.

The Multimouse is around €100 but many second-hand are available for less.

The z21 is up in the €250 - upward region.


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@Edo NCE Power Cab is a great starter set, really easy to setup and use yet excellent cab ergonomics. Other options include Roco Z21 white version (unboxed from Roco train sets), or Lenz 100. Personally I don't like touch screen systems because they deny a loco operator eyes off tactile feedback, which is unhelpful when trying to shunt and you want to keep your eyes on the loco rather a cab screen. There is also gauge master prodigy system which is popular, also a dog bone cab layout. Budget €250 for an entry level DCC control system. Lenz is excellent in terms  of performance but now rather dated from an ergonomics point of view. You can go right up to Games console style systems like ESU 50200 with a lot of bells and whistle but overly complicated IMHO.

This german web site has much better pricing than UK retailers and its Euro. https://www.modellbahnshop-lippe.com/Manufacturer/Products/gb/overview.html?hersteller=modellbahn-shop+lippe&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0rr4BRCtARIsAB0_48PLKR6JXdxwwwEgLYsR5jSOCiZWB5jZb2zohY0-z9RQ6pof9qzZIZ8aAr7_EALw_wcB

Info here from a UK retailer. https://www.digitrains.co.uk/dcc-guide



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