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"It's not a long way to Tipperary"

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13 hours ago, Rob said:

Very interesting read!     Unusual in the main pic to have the Restaurant directly behind the loco.

Must have been for the publicity shot as it was never like that in actual service that l saw.

Yes, it is a publicity shot, it also features in the October 1984 IRRS Journal (I think, it might have been June) in the news section, it was a press run from before the coaches entered revenue service formed of EGV+4 Standards+Diner iirc.

Only sets sets were in traffic at this point, and while the author writes that normal formation was to be EGV+Diner+8 Standards, the sets at this point were one eight-piece and one seven-piece both with "Firsts" in the formation.

Indeed as can be seen in the article, the author's carriage was none other than the infamous "1st" 7140! ;)

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