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New Drilling Machine For The Workshop!!

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I acquired this Union Drilling Machine for a restoration project and ultimately use it when restored. It's rated at 1PP (Person Power). 





I used one of these in my silversmith days back in the 70's, it was driven by a belt off the workshop line shaft but one had to turn the handle at the top to drop the drill bit into the work.

It's going into a bath of diesel for a few weeks to free the rust up and then restoration.


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After a good clean down with Gunk and pressure washer things are looking good! There was a good bit of grease on most of the working parts under the dust which preserved most. With a squirt of WD40 and hefty persuasion I got the chuck to turn!


The bevel gears are in great condition.


There is a ratchet system on the quill which controls the drop of the chuck and an eccentric lobe on the handwheel bevel gear to allow the chuck to be wound back up- one has to slip the lobe follower onto the lobe for this to operate, it's that toothed gear under the top handwheel with the ratchet finger adjacent. The spring to hold the ratchet on the gear is missing and someone installed a bit of grey plastic in its place.


All dismantled and ready for a bath!



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