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Classified - Murphy Models Class 071

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Hi @WRENNEIRE, I'm based in Galway. I know it's a long shot, but would you have any 071's knocking about?

I had my eye on the 071's for a very long time but could never justify it and foolishly thought they would be in constant supply.

Got my first loco only just over a yr ago, the class 201 no 203 'River Corrib' and was just blown away by the level of detail, I have since added class 121 no 129, and class 181 no 187. My plan was stick to MM and IE livery and that way I'd keep myself somewhat grounded.. then I saw the A class in Marks Models... I hadn't heard if IRM so went with the 121 Class... and was very happy too. Watching a review of the 121 on Euvirail and he suggested testing it due to a sound issue... so it got me wanting to get started on my own track and I've become somewhat train obsessed since. I knew this would happen, it's why I waited so long 🤣.

My plan is to do a smaller version of Ceannt station in Galway, late 90/00s and a smaller rural station set in the 60s. I managed to get an A Class no 017 and it is in the post, it is the IR livery, beautiful but there was so much crossover I had to make the exception and I was so lucky to get it, IRM are awesome, I'm absolutely blown away by the level of detail and have become obsessed with Irish freight and watching the videos of the class 071's still faithfully lugging about their loads.


Sorry for the long message... I read online that you may know where an 071 might be found. I know at this stage they are very few and far between, but I love every livery, especially the IE... do you think there is any chance of finding one?

The wishlist:












Or 201s



Basically any IE or IR or NIR liveries. Have I missed the train so to speak?

Kind Regards,



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Hi Paddy
Welcome to the forum
I reckon you will need to sell your firstborn to get any of the 071's on your list
Haven't seen one for sale anywhere for less than €350 and some are making a lot more than that
Long sold out from the major retailers and this has made them very expensive when available
I would recommend either a few Hail Marys or a Credit Union loan!

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