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JM Design April 2021 update

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I thought it best to provide an update on our current projects in a single post.

OO Gauge CIE 20T Goods Brake.

The first batch production vans arrived from the printers and are currently working their way through the paint shop before going to the printers decals and lettering.

This batch of bans will be produced in the as introduced late 1940s dark grey with snail and stencil lettering and is basically to test whether its viable to produce rtr wagons using 3D printing technology with finishing and assembly in house.

We expect to set a price point and release the first batch of vans at some stage in June 2021 subject to the arrival of wheels from our supplier in the UK.


Receiving inspection



Work in progress 8 Apl


Spray booth not quite a Chinese factory.

D17/52 Class locomotive kit.

Although the majority of the kits have been pre-sold a small number (2) are currently available at $290 NZ + shipping.

The kit was largely feasible as a result of the assistance off Studio Scale Models who agreed to supply their J15 castings and GSWR 1804 gal tender and we are unlikely to re-release the full kit once the current batch is sold out.

Although we have got the etchings and castings in stock the release of the kit is likely to be delayed until July/August as a number of small detail parts such as handrail knobs are currently out of stock with our suppliers in the UK.

CIE Tin Van, Hooded Van and PO/Tool Van Kits.

The cut off date for accepting orders on these kits is the 28 April for supply of the kits in August/September 2021. We will be proceeding with the release of these kits in August 2021 although a number of customers who placed expressions of interest have not confirmed their orders at this stage.

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