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  1. GS&WR green paint

    Could you say what colours/mixtures they are? The second from the left looks quite promising to me for a somewhat faded CIE green?
  2. GS&WR green paint

    I'd vote for patch 4 for newish paint, patch 3 for more worn/faded I think. Mind you I can't claim to have a good eye for colour.
  3. The Secret Life of "Snails"

    Thanks for a helpful reply. Wouldn't it be easier if the transfers were produced rather less white - a sort of weathered off-white. Incidentally do you recall what C&L stock had the green snails, that line being of particular interest to me?
  4. GS&WR green paint

    Thanks for that gentlemen, I won't risk those paints then.
  5. The Secret Life of "Snails"

    A bit belated I know, but thanks for that. Could you expand a bit on 'some wagons' having green snails pre -1955? My interest is mainly narrow gauge, so elderly wagons and vans pre -1955 or so - the darker grey I assume, snails I have assumed white (from b&w photos of weathered stock), but should some be green?
  6. GS&WR green paint

    By the light green transfers do you mean the Railtec 'eau de nil snails and numbers'? Has anyone used these Cherry paints, maybe could post a picture to see what the colours are like?
  7. GS&WR green paint

    Cherry paints (from Phoenix) do Dublin bus light and dark greens, I believe the first CIE coach green is supposed to be the same as they used on buses so are these colours any use? https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/cherry-bus-eire The website doesn't show any sample so I've no idea what sort of greens they are.
  8. Finding old kits

    Nice to see Keadue again (it is, isn't it?) There may not have been many CVR loco kits sold, but there were a fair few of the C&L 4-4-0T shifted, I did two and I've seen several on various other layouts, and there are those in store mentioned above. It would be nice to see the Irish kits re-appear in some form (even etches only if necessary).
  9. Kit building v RTR - Sometimes a false economy?

    Certainly, you can always keep some of the cash for other forms of entertainment. There is no doubt some truth in that, but, to be fair, Tony also emphasises that one of the best reasons for kit or scratch building is simply the pleasure/satisfaction of doing so, even if there is a rtr alternative, even if it's a very good rtr alternative.
  10. Kit building v RTR - Sometimes a false economy?

    Exactly - even if the kit costs more than the rtr, the extra money is simply a very reasonable price for both the entertainment of building it and the satisfaction of having built it.
  11. Authentic transfers

    Railtec list them, I don't know how good they are I've not used any. http://www.railtec-models.com/showitem.php?id=1205 Or did you mean lined ones, I suppose you probably know of these Railtec ones?
  12. 009 Scale

    As an 00n3-doing person may I say the availability of kits varies all the time. The worst thing is that the Backwoods range is gone (though may re-appear), still the Dundas T&D vans are back, and we still have Worsley and Branchlines. Re the other comparison - 4mm Irish on 9mm track is 3mm wrong , while 5' 3" on 16.5 is 4.5mm wrong, a bigger error but possibly a little better in percentage terms I suspect.

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