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  1. johnminnitt

    Soldering Track

    Hello, I used brass screw heads in this fashion some time ago, with no problem in soldering. First I filed the screw-head - to remove any plating, muck etc. Cleaned up rail with fine wet and dry. Used 145 degree solder and plenty of flux - the same combination I used for etched kits. (Normal Phosphoric acid flux). Afterwards cleaned up remaining flux with a damp brush. You ask would it be worth using flux on the screw, I am sure it would be much harder without. As Mayner says the flux in cored solder is not really up to this, I would always use a separate flux for any constructional joint - the 145 degree melting point helps too.
  2. johnminnitt

    OOn3 layout ideas

    OK, let's have a gallery of them. No 3 in her early years on the C&L, while she still had the cast numberplate. (ie still looking as in her later T&D days)
  3. johnminnitt

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Edit's not working - so, PS - I think that came from a Yahoo group - 00n3 or Irish narrow gauge one.
  4. johnminnitt

    OOn3 layout ideas

    I copied this from some book years ago, don't recall which. I'm sure someone here could tell you. UCLR.doc
  5. johnminnitt

    Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    I will just briefly agree in recommending Pendon to anyone who could possibly visit. The trains are fine, but, as Leslie says, the buildings and scenics are brilliant. I've greatly enjoyed watching it grow, visiting once a decade or so since my mother took me nearly 60 years ago.
  6. johnminnitt

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Would there have been joint ownership? Wouldn't it have been like the Donegal or Swilly - cross-border and so staying separate?
  7. johnminnitt

    OOn3 layout ideas

    I have often thought (and once built, longer ago than I care to consider) that a harbour branch makes a good small 'shunting plank' type of set-up, it can be rural or among quayside buildings, and waterfront is always atmospheric' Having water wholly or partly behind it on the backscene (as with Arun Quay or Shell Island) can really open out a small layout. I did think that the Ulster and Connaught might give a base for a fairly freelance such set-up - maybe a branch from near the Western end to a small port (looking especially at Roundstone, a photogenic place I think, though I've never had the pleasure of going there - but it reminds me of Cornwall so it must be good).
  8. johnminnitt

    Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    If the temptation to try that does strike one day, don't be too deterred - a good many people have got P4 to work decently without the level of precision skills you suggest. I even managed it a bit myself in the past - both in UK standard gauge and in real broad gauge (7ft) - and I'm certainly no watch maker.
  9. johnminnitt

    Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    All good reasons, depending on your personal priorities, and no doubt many who use 00 in the UK have similar reasons. There just seems to be a smaller percentage whose different priorities lead them to 21mm (and other scale equivalents) than there are who do P4 and EM. Certainly it is less of a task to modify stock and get it working well, and to make one's own better-looking track, with a small branch than with a main-line set-up. Maybe there's less interest in that sort of thing than in the UK?
  10. johnminnitt

    Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    Yes, as someone quite new to this forum (previous connection with Irish modelling being mostly 3ft gauge, and awareness of a few fine models like Adavoyle, Castle Rackrent) I am a bit surprised how little 'proper' broad gauge there is. Sure there's a lot of 00 in the UK, but there's a good deal of EM and P4 too. Maybe there's less interest in smaller prototypes, where it's easier to put time into getting track and wheels right, and more main line stuff?
  11. johnminnitt

    Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    Absolutely, just glancing at pictures above (especially looking down on the van), or shots of Belturbet or Valencia online, the correct gauge looks so much better. Of course we who have dabbled in 00n3 have had the gauge right too! PS Are there any pictures online of the Courtmacsherry model? I'd like to see that, it was an attractive prototype.
  12. johnminnitt

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    If you don't manage to swap the C&L 4-4-0T (unmade Backwoods kit I assume) I would probably be interested in buying, depending on price and my financial situation at the time.
  13. johnminnitt

    009 Scale

    There's this one too, I think I saw it at the Narrow Gauge show at Shepton Mallett a good many years ago https://sites.google.com/site/3mmpublic/members-layouts/finnegan-s-crossing
  14. johnminnitt

    CIE green paint

    I think that EDN looks pretty good too, what was the mix? The transfers match well too, if you painted over them it's very neatly done. Re the 'Guard' image - I agree with Achill, the 6021 looks closest, neat 216 looks a bit dark Again, sorry to be repetitive, I don't think one should be too hung up about official specifications, what a colour looks like in service on an actual coach at some distance is the main thing surely. The 'Quiet Man' EDN looks a good deal lighter than 216, or is that my eyes, or 1950's colour film?
  15. johnminnitt

    CIE green paint

    Yes, I understand your comparison, I was referring to Steve's suggestion of 216 for snails and 14 C 35 for numbers and lines. On the whole I think I agree with your preference for 14 C 35 for the whole lot. PS Holts (http://www.autocustompaint.co.uk/Pages/BritishStandardPaint.aspx) list 14 C 35 as 'Braemer Green in the 4800 range, in aerosols and touch-up paints.

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