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  1. Please vote for IRM!!

    Well done, an incredible achievement.
  2. New Irish Lines

    I had a subscription but only got one copy
  3. AddressPal - New Home Delivery option

    I use it too! I get most of my bits from the UK through it. Saves a fortune on postage.
  4. Anyone staying over? Think I'll have to book a room
  5. UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    I have had a good few customers that had wanted a layout and wait years, then see the baseboards and order. Now that I am set up in the new workshop I have a guy making baseboards full time so waiting periods have dropped from months to a week or so.
  6. Trackwork Underlay

    Most of the layouts that I build the track goes straight onto the baseboard. Most people don't mind the noise. They method of construction of my boards help reduce noise over ply and softwood boards. A trick if the noise is too much is to glue blocks of 18mm MDF to the underside of the layout. They absorb the sound really well. I use PU foam over cork and I stay away from the Peco open cell foam as it can degrade over time. The PU foam (closed cell) is good and for clients that want a quiet layout I cover the whole baseboard in it. Then glue the track onto it then ballast, this way there is an insulating layer between the baseboard and the track. However the ballast becoming one hard piece will be noisy.
  7. UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    A lot of companies get complacent and think they have made it then pull back from the public eye. I have worked in sales and marketing for years and seen this time and time again. Promoting a business can be expensive but well worth it, some of the shows I do here can be quiet and product sales can be slow. But when someone picks up a leaflet you could get a call months later for a layout or baseboards.
  8. OO Layout - To be Named

    Very nice George, really like the curves. Looks very natural.
  9. UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    Thanks Chaps, it does seem that the baseboard manufacturers don't do many shows anymore. Maybe it's a case of they feel they have their name out there and don't need to be at the shows anymore. It's just going to take a bit of time to get established with the club's. Many thanks for all your input. Keep the ideas coming!
  10. UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    I tried a toy fair in Cardiff and one in Carmarthen the following day, it was a complete disaster! If I'm doing shows in the UK I would rather them 100% focused on railway. I also plan to deliver layouts when going to the shows. I have 2 layouts to deliver around London next month and I'm booked into Alexander Palace so hopefully it will be a good weekend. Looking at the pictures you posted there seemed to be a lot of free space at that show.
  11. UK Model Railway Exhibitions

    Unfortunately the show was fully booked and is fully booked for next year. I'm on a waiting list!
  12. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Here's a few pics of a layout I built using code 75 track. It looks quite well when it's ballasted and track side detail is added.
  13. Matching Tan/Orange colours

    The real thing had different colours, the colour mixed in Inchicore wasn't exactly matched. Also a lot of rolling stock faded over time. The coaches used on the Galway line faded just on one side from the sun! I like the different shades, looks more natural.
  14. Last Minute Itch

    You have the hardest part done! Most of my customers that buy baseboards have been putting off building them for one reason or another. As Richie says get some track down, the inspiration will follow from there!

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