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  1. I decided it was high time to give away another free baseboard. All you have to do is like and share the giveaway post on my facebook page. Link below
  2. Peco points

    Hi Bill, Is it just one particular loco or coach that causes this?
  3. Dave182s Projects

    Cracking work Dave! It's going to look amazing when it's painted up
  4. Hi Guys. I'm on the hunt for a Heljan Container Terminal Crane. There's one on eBay but it's not tested and they want silly money for it. Anyone know of one for sale somewhere?
  5. The Midlands Model Railway Club are having an open day this Staurday 19th of August. It's in the Abbeyleix Heritage Centre in Abbeyleix. There will be layouts on display
  6. The Kerry Model Railway Association are having their annual model railway festival this bank holiday weekend. It's on the 5th, 6th and 7th of August. I'll be there with plenty of goodies! More information can be found on their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KerryModelRail/
  7. Hi guys! I have been looking into setting up a series of workshops for you to learn more about the hobby. This will be a one day session in my workshop teaching about how to do scenery, wiring, track laying etc.. I'm wondering if there is enough interest out there for this. If your interested in attending please let me know in the comments or by email. david@modelrailbaseboards.com
  8. Well after moving to Valleymount which turned out to be a complete disaster. The landlord said it was dry but after the first heavy rain fall I had nearly 20 leaks in the roof! He refused to repair it properly. There was over €600 worth of damage done to a layout. So I had to find somewhere more suitable. I have moved to a more modern unit in Edenderry, Co. Offaly as I moved to Carbury its only 10 mins from the house. You can follow the progress on my Facebook page where there are more pics and I'll give a progress report https://www.facebook.com/modelrailbaseboards/
  9. Hi guys, I have a client bought an 8' x 4' baseboard from me a few years ago. He has moved and no longer has the space for it. It's painted grey on the top and has a few holes in it from his layout. It's in 3 sections with legs and is easy to put together. New this is worth €290, so it's a bargin for free! If you want it you need to make arrangements to collect it from Donnybrook in Dublin. If interested you can contact me on 087 6555052 or email me david@modelrailbaseboards.com
  10. Model Rail Baseboards are on the move! I have moved the workshop to an industrial unit in Valleymount in Wicklow. The business continues to grow and with over 1500 sq ft I will have room for a showroom and I plan to have a number of layouts on display for customers to try.
  11. DCC Decoders

    Hi Guys, I am now the Irish distributor for LaisDCC decoders. I have had samples on test for the last 4 months now and the have performed extremely well, they perform well at slow speeds too. Here are some of the specs. • 1 year no quibble warranty, with full service back up. • 2 amp peak power, 1 amp continuous, functions 100ma. • Fully NMRA compliant. • Direct easy connection for Stay Alive. • Super smooth high frequency silent drive motor control. • Switchable DC running. • 4 digit addressing. • 14, 28, or 128 speed steps. • 4 active functions. • Support for all common programming and consist modes. • Back EMF. • Fully adjustable motor control and function actions. • Heat shrink insulated to prevent short circuits. They also come with a very comprehensive instructions. Available in 21 pin, 4 function. 8 pin, 4 function with built in plug. 8 pin, 4 function with lead. Price is €18 and is available to order from my website now. I am away till Friday so any orders won't get posted till Sat morning.
  12. New Website

    Hi Guys, I have been working away on a new website for the last few weeks, it features a new on-line shop with a lot of new products with more being added all the time. I haven't officially transferred the domain yet and I would be very grateful for your feedback on what you think and what could I do better before I officially launch it. You can buy anything that is in the shop at the moment and everything is in stock. Many thanks. Here is the link http://www.modelrailbaseboards.com
  13. Hornby

    Hornby are close to bankruptcy, looks like they are looking at losses of up to £6 million over the last year and may not survive. They are writing off a million in stock alone in product that won't sell. It's a shame to see but they really haven't upped their game with the competition.
  14. Hi Guys, I have started a new YouTube channel to showcase my products including the point control system. I would love some feedback on what I could do better. There are only two videos up there but more will be added soon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZu99wOvQiUo9Cd127zYqyA
  15. I thought that I would post the progress of a layout that I am currently building for a client in the UK. It's 4 meter long x 3 meter wide. One side is a large TMD with a small scrap yard and a small container terminal with a Heljan container crane. Joining the two sides is a feature curved viaduct and on the other side is a large container port with a dock side with container ship and two Heljan container cranes. It will feature an Oxford diecast truck converted to Faller by Eoin and will collect containers from the ship. I'll post the progress as I go. Here's some pics of where I have got to.

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