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  1. gm171 kk

    Disassembling MM071

    I bought some spares recently consisting of various parts from MM112 and MM8113 so that I could convert my MM082 to NIR no.111. I used to the cabs from 112 and the rest of the body came from 113. To do this I had to strip 082 down to the chassis. No wiring was cut apart from the two connecting the chassis to each cab (light?). The loco has been reassembled with the new body. I haven't reconnected the wiring in the cabs yet in case they need to be taken off again. The loco has been placed on a live track with the default decoder fitted and it shows absolutely no sign of life. An observation I made is that 082 had four silver things at each end behind the four marker lights while the part for 8113 only had two. I know it is a different arrangement but am I right in saying there should be three of them for 8113? Also I can't see the likes of bulbs or wiring in the cabs for the headlights and markers lights, how are these connected to the chassis? These were fully functioning on my 082. This is the first time I've taken a loco apart. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. gm171 kk

    Murphy Models Locomotives and Coaches

    201 and both IÉ livery coaches now sold.
  3. I have various items for sale. All items have original boxes. Discounts can be arranged for items sold in multiple. €130 - Murphy Models 071 class no.082 The model has been run and has some detail fitted. €45 - Murphy Models Mk2d restaurant coach no. 5411 in IÉ Galway livery €45 - Murphy Models Mk2d generator coach no. 5601 in IÉ Galway livery
  4. gm171 kk

    Photographic Website Updates

    Some photos from Monday in Kildare, Monasterevin and Limerick Junction. Including 215, 217, 222, 234 and Enterprise 233 on Cork services, 085 and 086 on the DFDS liner, 073 on the laden timber train, 22000 and 2800 class railcars, water birds and an air crops plane over Monasterevin doing loops. Kildare http://www.flickr.com/photos/99687034@N06/sets/72157649910121053/ Monasterevin http://www.flickr.com/photos/99687034@N06/sets/72157651776125747/ Limerick Junction https://www.flickr.com/photos/99687034@N06/sets/72157651776256167/
  5. gm171 kk

    RPSI Shuttle 11th April

    Is the private charter steam or diesel hauled snapper?
  6. gm171 kk

    Explosion on Dart

    This is what they look like. A per way worker gave me a look at some one night.
  7. gm171 kk

    The marble city excursion

    A video of the railtour and the shunt release in Kilkenny today.
  8. gm171 kk

    New Enterprise Livery

    The cab-side logos are how you tell the difference between those three. 071 doesn't have them, 077 has the full logos and 088 only has bits and pieces of it.
  9. I got some shots of 233 and the Westport to Waterford timber train at Kildare yesterday on my way home. It failed at Athy and I later got a poor shot of 078 hauling the train through Muine Beag.
  10. gm171 kk

    NEM Tension coupler

    I have no experience with Kadees and have only tried the Roco couplings on the MM MK2Ds. They worked brilliantly for me as they allow the coaches to be actually joined but, thanks to the otherwise crap swivel coupling on the MK2Ds, they don't derail on tight curves. However you can't use them to couple the MK2s to MM locos because there is too much of a height difference so that may be a job for the Kadees if you can buy them in varied heights.
  11. gm171 kk

    NEM Tension coupler

    I couldn't clip them out so I just cut them out. But that's no use if you plan on using the coupler again. If you want close coupling on the MK2Ds you should use the Roco type couplers that Hornby make.
  12. gm171 kk

    GM171kk's workbench

    Been a bit dry on the workbench... Next up is a small upgrade for my mk2ds which consist of both Murphy and Lima models. Mainly just fitting close couplings to fix that massive gap between the Murphy coaches using Roco type couplings between coaches and Kadees at the ends of rakes and also fixing the glazing on the Lima coaches. I'm also trying to finish off a rake of Craven coaches (5 standards + 1 snack car + GSV), a rake of Galway mk2s (4 standards + 1 restaurant + EGV) and a rake of IE black roofed mk2s (2 standards + 1 composite + 1 restaurant + EGV). As for locos I hope to acquire at some stage 077, a 141, a 181 and 230. Here's a video I uploaded tonight of 201 and a rake of Cravens at several locations around the layout.
  13. gm171 kk

    Truck Cabs

    I was always interested in circus transport because of the variety of rarely seen and often heavily modified transport they had, not to mention trucks from other countries like the big American bull nosed ones that some of the Courtney shows had. I'm adding a little scene to the railway layout of one circus that ran in 2005/6 that was put together by one of the main circus families using old tents and lorries previously retired. I'm pretty sure I saw a Hino tipper somewhere on this site Warbonnet but it may have been 1/87 scale.
  14. gm171 kk

    Truck Cabs

    Thanks Paul. I can get the ERF cab from him alright and I'll just use the Oxford Scania 143. No model of the Foden ever existed however (yet).
  15. gm171 kk

    Video Website Updates

    It was funny how careful the driver was approaching the buffers and he ended up driving them at least a meter after they touched.

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