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  1. I got some shots of 233 and the Westport to Waterford timber train at Kildare yesterday on my way home. It failed at Athy and I later got a poor shot of 078 hauling the train through Muine Beag.
  2. DSC01400

  3. 088 and the HOBs did some ballast laying in Kilkenny Wednesday night. This ballasting has been taking place for the passed couple of weeks and will probably continue for the next few weeks also.
  4. Model Roofing

    I am currently building a 1/50 scale house and am trying to source materials for roofing. Does anyone know of any product I can get that is just sheets of tiles or slates, preferably plastic like the evergreen stuff, that can be just cut and glued onto the top of a building as I don't have time to assemble a roof slate by slate? This is not railway related but seeing as this is the only modelling forum I am a member of I thought I'd put the question to you guys.
  5. Guinness Liner

    Hi, Bit of a long shot here but does anyone have any info about the "Guinness" liners that ran between Dublin and Waterford carrying Smithwicks from Waterford and dropping off empty kegs on the down trains at Kilkenny and picking up kegs of Budweiser on the up trains. The kind of info I am looking for is when the liners stopped calling at Kilkenny, the way they were loaded/unloaded and the way in which the kegs were transported back and forward from the brewery. If anybody has pictures of even just wagons stable in the train station that would also be great. This is a freight flow I am very interested in modelling hopefully when Weshty's flats come out as it is the only freight flow I know of that called at Kilkenny in the 00s.
  6. MIR Bogie Flats

    My MIR bogie flats are bent up which causes some of the wheels to not even reach the rails and containers to not lie flats and tend to rotate on the wagon after a while. They are painted so I don't want to put them in boiled water and I have tried the hair dryer method but the resin returns to bent shape it was before I heated them once cooled. Does anyone have a solution to this as this problem is really doing my head in? Thanks.
  7. IMAG0477

  8. Here are some videos I took this week of Ballina/Westport and Waterford freight trains. I managed to get all four DFDS trains and both Westport trains. They are listed in the order they were taken. Sorry about the shakes in some videos, the horns startled me:ROFL:. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gZDssiI8a4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0HCAZTxINQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b2bWbL4fiw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b0pswYgTkg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVyZ9eUPluc
  9. Lubrication Oil

    Hi lads, Can anyone recommend a brand or type of oil suitable for lubricating 00 gauge locos and also where to apply oil on MM 201s. I have an MM 201 that I bought in 2011 and it hadn't been run for about 8 months after it was run after purchase. The loco does a lot of stalling and the cab lights flicker when turned on. The wheels also squeak so that's what led me to believe it may just need to be lubricated but if anyone else thinks something else is causing this please say so. Bare in mind it is a DCC layout with recently laid brand new track and I also cleaned the wheels recently.
  10. 62'9'' container wagons

    Has anyone got any photos of the 62'9'' container wagons now converted into timber wagons in use on container liners? I have bought a couple of the Hornby kfa wagons which are very similar and am trying to decide whether to convert them to timbers or not. They are a very nice wagon as they are and very expensive!
  11. Gaps between track

    I have recently relaid all my track as it was made up mostly of old hornby track set track. This time I used become flexi track and there are parts where the locos just make a fairly loud thump when the pass over joints. These joints have small gaps cause by either cutting the rail too much or by the method I used to cut the track. I am just wondering how am I going to fix this problem as I'm afraid it will damage the wheels on my stock. Any help would be welcomed. Also every time I change points to move from one ring of track to the other my trains just stop and the screen on my controller goes blank and starts to make a ticking sound. Help on this would also be appreciated.
  12. Bit of a long shot here but anyone willing to part with an MIR cement bubble unmade kit or two?
  13. Bye bye MK3s

    http://www.thejournal.ie/new-railcars-dublin-commuter-belt-750851-Jan2013/ Looks like the fate has been sealed for the mk3s lads.
  14. IMAG0423

  15. Bagged cement wagon

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody could post some pictures or drawings of the curtain sided bagged cement vans. I am attempting to build one from a prestwin chassis and I have no good photos of the ends of the wagons. Thankyou.

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