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  1. Over the last few months the turntable at Claremorris station has been refurbished by the local permanent way staff, The work involved power washing the well area and improving drainage around the area and replacing some broken crossbeam timbers on the table, The siding which gives access to the turntable has been renewed with 2nd hand concrete sleepers and a second hand buffer stop originally from Ballina being used at the Manulla end of the table. It's a credit to the staff involved in the project to see such a fine job on such an historical piece of infrastructure.
  2. Ashburton Grove.

    Good evening lads, With thanks to Wayne and the guys at Wexford MRC,I was able to purchase the Ashburton Grove N gauge layout, I was impressed with its operation at the recent exhibition and as the layout had been for sale I decided to buy it, This is my first venture into the N Gauge market but I have driver301 to thank for his inspirational N Gauge layouts namely Wellington bheag,Carlow and currently Connolly Stn, I intend this layout to be in the BR blue era-1970s-late 1980s-my first purchase being a blue/grey HST.
  3. All welcome to this event. Will you be available Jhb???
  4. I attending this exhibition last weekend and was impressed with the standard and quality layouts that were on show, There was a large attendance in particular on Sunday where a long queue had formed at the entrance even after the 10:30 opening time, Lots of traders and bargains to be had.. One of my favourite layouts was"Whiteacre"OO gauge modern image which had lots of interesting operations and held the crowd for most of the day.
  5. Refurbished loco 0117080 nearly ready for the road.
  6. 0117087

    Released to traffic last week after an absence of nearly four years out of service-and at one stage thought to be one of the first 071s that was about to be scrapped, Here we see a refurbished 0117087 coupled to the IWT liner in Ballina freight yard.
  7. 233 worked the IWT liner today,it's the last member of the operational fleet of 201s to have worked the liner-a nice birthday present..!!! 233 is seen just after arrival in Ballina freight yard with a fully loaded IWT liner.
  8. A photo taken of 072 shortly after arriving at Ballymote station with the 14:00 Sligo-Connolly RPSI Cravens rail-tour this afternoon.
  9. 92-60-0117-071-7 worked the Northwall-Ballina IWT liner for the first time today, Seen here after arrival in Ballina.
  10. 230 is pictured here after arrival at Ballina freight yard with today's IWT Liner
  11. 072 failed today north of Foxford while hauling the Northwall to Ballina IWT liner,help arrived from Ballina in the form of loco 075 and hauled the entire liner to Ballina. http://s719.beta.photobucket.com/user/ttc0169/media/038-1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4#/user/ttc0169/media/045.jpg.html?sort=3&o=5&_suid=1360791054630048552047772718215
  12. The Guinness liner.

    After a hard day at Tara Jctn it's nice to unwind with.....Cheers lads...!!
  13. Hi Lads, As you know my layout Tara Jctn has been converted to DCC control over the last few weeks-and I'm definatly NOT going back...., One thing that I cant seem to understand/set up properly is the Start Voltage,Top voltage,Acceleration,deceleration etc on my 201 locos, An example; Loco 220 and 221 go like a rocket when the control knob is only turned to (1) so I cant use these for shunting anything,however locos 201,202,210,229 have the right amount of speed-until you try and shunt coaches slowly into the valeting plant-they go a little too fast and cause the coaches to derail, My 141 locos have the right settings and havent caused any problems, Can anyone suggest/recommend what settings I should try on these locos in order to achieve slow speed shunting and fast running on the mainlines, I'm also having trouble with the headlights not coming on in the direction of travel-and in some locos the cab lights dont work either. I'm using the Gaugemaster Prodigy advance 2 as my controller, Any help is much appreciated-Thanks lads.
  14. The buses of Tara Jctn.

    A few photos of my buses on Tara Jctn for you to enjoy.

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