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  1. barrow street

    Superb modelling-one of the best and most detailed layouts I have ever seen-a few of the ECM produced DART units would finish this scene off very well. Looking forward to more updates.
  2. 0117079 will shortly be ready for traffic-It was on the load bank at Inchicore last Friday.
  3. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    After a derailment in Ballina in 1999 the wagons were withdrawn from service and a set was stored on the Ballinrobe siding in Claremorris,they were there for about six months before they were worked back to Northwall where they were scrapped.
  4. Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    Well done to all concerned, I enjoyed the exhibition and chatting to various friends-it was well worth the four hour 182 mile trip..
  5. Tara Junction.

    Thanks Robert-its a GM power unit swapped from a 181 class locomotive......... Thanks Noel,yes six bogies are fine but I could increase to eight in particular for the forthcoming Tara wagons.
  6. First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Is this the finished painted sample lads?
  7. Tara Junction.

    After a prolonged time out of service with traction motor problems 201 C Class loco 226 received an A exam at the MPD and after a request from the CME,the loco was given an out road trial hauling some laden bogie fertiliser wagons, With a trailing weight of nearly 300 tonnes 226 is seen here passing through the station-the trial was a success and 226 returned to the regular locomotive pool.
  8. Tara Junction.

    216 returned south from NIR last week hauling the bogie spoil wagons, it is seen here arriving at Tara junction where it ran around the wagons and propelled them to the siding. The S+E department were busy too installing the Train Tech ground shunt signals at various locations around the yard.....the one in the photo is interlocked with the points which lead to the Lakeview freight yard.. And finally Lakeview freight yard sees both retro liveried locomotives 071 and 073 arrive and prepare to depart with the IWT liner (071) and the DFDS liner (073) Happy Easter to all viewers of Tara Junction.

    Its all scrambled to me........
  10. First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Absolutely Superb- well done again gentlemen, the rotating axle caps really capture the actions of the prototype, You have really put the main model manufacturer's to shame with this standard and level of detail and accuracy. And an order has now been placed........
  11. Tara Junction.

    Hi Northman,I'm not sure of the actual size of the washer-I got them off Jim in Mark models in Dublin.
  12. Tara Junction.

    In readiness of a busy 2018 for the RPSI a number of the Cravens coaches were brought in to the MPD for examination. The purpose of the work was to fit washers to the bogies to improve the ride quality, It was a busy morning at the MPD when the team of volunteer's under the instructions of Stephen and Joe shunted the first coach 1505 into position by loco 076 in order for the jacks to lift it off its bogies, All went well and as the following images show the work was completed in a short time, Thanks must go to the Irish rail CME team who facilitated and assisted with the work.
  13. 12/03/2018, Still working away on freight and permanent way trains 071 and 073 are seen here arriving at Athlone with the Sperry/Weedspray train and 073 is seen crossing the Shannon bridge heading into the West with the IWT liner.
  14. Tara Junction.

    The shape ways 42' bogie LX wagon gets a test run behind loco 226.....

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