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  1. ttc0169


    The Sombre et Meuse type bogies are interchangeable, the ones with the extra sets of brake blocks are normally used under the bogie timber and the air braked track panel per way trains, and are normally confined to these types of wagons now, They were formally used on the bogie shale and bogie bulk cement wagons, I was fortunate to visit Limerick wagon works a few years ago and observe a bogie swap take place between a Tara wagon ,a shale wagon and a CPW-the CPW getting the Tara bogie, the Tara got the shale bogie and the shale got the CPW, Here are a few photos of that visit..
  2. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Some welcome visitors to Tara junction in the form of sound fitted 001 class locomotive 011 and steam locomotive 372,both received some works attention and were both given trial runs before returning south to their home depot. IMG_8650.MOV IMG_8643.MOV
  3. ttc0169

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    Noel-Is it the same type-(kadee no18) coupler that is fitted to locomotive 222? I have no experience of kadee couplers on my layout but I feel they are ideal for my MK4 end coach set.
  4. ttc0169

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    The end of the coach that is always next to the locomotive has no gangway connection-it is blanked off, Thanks very much for the kadee conversion-it is something I need to complete on my own set-and is a useful tutorial
  5. ttc0169

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Definatly a runner of OO Irish outline models and British N gauge but recently have begun to collect OO gauge BR blue locomotives and coaches for a possible future small layout.
  6. ttc0169

    Ashburton Grove.

    With the two class 20 locomotives having gone to the MPD for servicing, it was the turn of the class 37-(37 261) to be allocated to freight duties, Here we see the locomotive coupled to a tanker train in the loop-awaiting line clearance and the passage of several HSTs - it will follow the class 56 hauled freight which in turn later will arrive on the loop and its wagons be shunted to the factory sidings by the class 08 shunter.
  7. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    The power unit of 204 undergoes load bank testing under the watchful eye of the CME at the MPD on Tara junction. IMG_8609.MOV
  8. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Thanks Jason- I bought it on eBay
  9. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Many thanks Noel, The 201 is a Lima model which was in storage-just like the real thing.... The motor and pick ups have been disconnected to avoid any potential damage when on the DCC rails.
  10. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    After spending nearly ten years in storage, locomotive 204 was shunted to the MPD by retro liveried 071 for an assessment to take place, It was then decided to remove its power unit and send it to a specialised engine rebuilding firm. So with the use of a mobile crane and flatbed truck the operation began..... 071 was coupled to a 20' barrier wagon as the braking system on 204 has been removed and used to move the locomotive, Here are a selection of photos from the operation which took place earlier today...…...
  11. ttc0169

    OO Irish freight wagons, vans etc

    Thanks Noel.I travelled on the locomotive at that time as there was no longer a brake van used as part of the formation
  12. ttc0169

    OO Irish freight wagons, vans etc

    Was tempted at Warley....they might be at the Glasgow exhibition in a months time...…
  13. ttc0169

    Heljan Class A tank wagon

    Fantastic model.
  14. ttc0169

    OO Irish freight wagons, vans etc

    I was fortunate to have been a train guard that worked the real Esso oil train to and from Claremorris nearly 20 years ago at this stage, It always was a leisurely pace of no more than 35mph when laden and 40mph when empty and thanks to Heljan I now can recreate the liner in model form as the tanks are identical to the real wagons which were scrapped in 2006. I hope to purchase some more in the future to recreate the block train with barrier wagons at either end....
  15. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    EM50 Track recording vehicle No'700 makes an appearance on its monthly tour of Tara junction, After 073 had worked the liner mail train it shunted the TPOs and the GSV to a siding , It is seen here arriving into the Lakeview freight yard with the bogie container wagons where they will be unloaded for onwards distribution.

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