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  1. ttc0169

    Ashburton Grove.

    Due to a driver shortage, an unusual movement took place earlier when 56 074 was added to the front of 2x20s which were hauling the freight liner in order to return it to the MPD for examination.
  2. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    After shunting the Sperry wagon into the formation of the weed spray train at the Per way sidings,0117076 draws the train forward up to the platform at Tara junction, In a floodlit nocturnal scene the permanent way staff are busy breaking up some old track panels .the Sperry/weed spray train awaits departure.
  3. ttc0169

    Mothballed 201s Thread

    Six of the stored 201s at Inchicore-214,212,203,205,202 and 201.
  4. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Thank you JHB...….Maybe a little more locos than IE at the moment...…
  5. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    072,073,076 and 083 at the MPD earlier....
  6. ttc0169

    Ashburton Grove.

    20063 has charge of two TPOs which have been looped to allow an afternoon express to overtake....
  7. Belmond blue perhaps????
  8. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    The permanent way department took delivery of some new track maintenance machinery, It is seen here being tested under the supervision of the chief inspector, In the background the Hydrema dump trucks deliver ballast to the waiting JCB excavator, and in the fore ground some re-railing is taking place using the new machinery.
  9. On Sundays shortly after arrival at Connolly station from Dundalk, the Belmond locomotive 216 is swapped as it is scheduled to receive an exam at Inchicore running shed, An 071 locomotive is allocated to work the train forward from Connolly to Waterford and back to Bagnalstown and then the following morning return the Grand Hibernian to Heuston, After 216 has received its exam on Sunday or Monday it is coupled to the Grand Hibernian Mk3s to work the train again from the Tuesday afternoon departure from Heuston to Cork.
  10. No pints of the black stuff available Jason-only the finest of the most expensive top shelf malt whiskey delivered to your seat...….
  11. Nobody complained about these two views or the sound while tackling the climb up Knockmoylan bank out of Waterford....
  12. ttc0169

    The buses of Tara Jctn.

    A typical 1980s scene here-the Castrol oil van leaves the depot,while one of the bus inspectors speeds away in his new Ford Capri...…
  13. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Under a floodlit scene and with the night shift in full swing at Tara junctions MPD ,we see various 071 locomotives receiving examinations and fuelling, oiling and watering before being released back into traffic,the depot supervisor is keeping a watchful eye on proceedings... The Chief civil engineer recently hired in a rail/road Hydrema dump truck to evaluate it for future work-the trials were a success and it is planned to acquire more in the future, The addition of rail wheels-{that work} and are posable to this fine model make it look fantastic,the wheels being donated from the Oxford rail/road jeep and were a perfect fit.
  14. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    The Signal and electrical department at Tara Jctn were busy over the last few days installing and testing a new ground shunt disc signal at the West end of the station. The new signal is positioned across from three aspect running signal TJ73,the reason being the poor siting distance for drivers if placed underneath the main signal, This signal TJ73{S} when displaying two white lights at a 45 degree angle gives an indication to drivers that the route has been set to the MPD-see the attached photos-the other routes being controlled by the running signals as shown, The shunt disc signals are from the Train tech range and are very delicate, so be careful when installing them.
  15. ttc0169

    Jason's Workbench

    Lovely work Jason👍

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