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  1. ttc0169

    Ashburton Grove.

    56 070 rests in the head shunt while the 2x20s have arrived from the MPD and will work the Speedlink liner in the morning. The 08 will shunt the wagons into position out on the running loop before departure.
  2. ttc0169

    enniscorthymans workbench

    Simply superb Eamonn-not too much just right,,,,,👍
  3. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    A quick photo from the footbridge at Tara junction,161SA hauling the pallet cement liner is held at the junction to allow the bogie bulk cement train depart from the freight yard, Its a busy time at the freight yard and congestion has been a common problem recently.
  4. ttc0169

    CIE Ballast Plough Now Available to Preorder

    Just done the same...…………..☹️
  5. ttc0169

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    Gents, If you do decide to go ahead with the CIE plough vans I will support it by purchasing a pack.
  6. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Thanks jhb…… the tourists obviously like what they see at the junction.....😋
  7. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    A locomotive swap took place earlier at the junction when retro 073 worked the empty timber train from Waterford, On arrival at Tara junction recently repainted loco 0117072 was waiting to take over for the continuation to Westport The following photos show the operation with 072 on platform one, 073 arrives on the up main with the empty timber, 072 has coupled to the train and is seen departing for Westport, And in the last photo the driver of 073 has switched on the red marker lights and the loco departs for the MPD for a service. *****This actual loco swap took place earlier this afternoon at Kildare with the real locomotives*****
  8. ttc0169

    Dugort Harbour

    Watching this layout develop with interest, best of luck with it.
  9. ttc0169


    Looks like a great plan Raymond, What era are you planning? Best of luck with it.
  10. ttc0169

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    jhb-I worked those oil wagons as part of liner trains to the West going back 12-15 years ago, they were used for delivering diesel to Claremorris, Ballina and Westport depots, The single oil wagons for Claremorris and Westport were for fuelling Locomotives and gen vans ,while the one for Ballina was shunted to the rear of the Bus Eireann garage and unloaded into two tanks for fuelling the Ballina based Bus Eireann fleet. They were restricted to a maximum speed of 35 mph.
  11. 0117072 was released to traffic on Tuesday 26/06/18,it worked the Northwall- Ballina IWT liner and is seen here parked in Ballina freight yard.
  12. As requested...….0117075
  13. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Cheers and thanks Jason....
  14. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Some Saturday freight action took place on Tara junction this evening, Due to a failure of the allocated locomotive,the only available locomotive at the MPD was NIR 208,so it was a rare move to see it work the bogie bulk cement train, It worked two round trips and on the return journey the second time a driver change took place when locomotive 161 which was working a pallet cement train exchanged crews at the junction, here are a few photos of the cement trains....
  15. ttc0169

    Emerald Isle Explorer 2018

    And two more from yesterday 071 works the empty Cravens from Claremorris to Westport past the townland of Cloonkeen west of Castleber.

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