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  1. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Some Saturday freight action took place on Tara junction this evening, Due to a failure of the allocated locomotive,the only available locomotive at the MPD was NIR 208,so it was a rare move to see it work the bogie bulk cement train, It worked two round trips and on the return journey the second time a driver change took place when locomotive 161 which was working a pallet cement train exchanged crews at the junction, here are a few photos of the cement trains....
  2. ttc0169

    Emerald Isle Explorer 2018

    And two more from yesterday 071 works the empty Cravens from Claremorris to Westport past the townland of Cloonkeen west of Castleber.
  3. ttc0169

    First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Its a 'Not to go 'card-put there by maintenance staff.the wagon would have being worked to Northwall for essential repairs,the card being removed when the repair work was completed.
  4. ttc0169

    Emerald Isle Explorer 2018

    The Emerald isle express seen here stabled at Platform three-{former Tuam bay} in Claremorris hauled by locomotive 071.
  5. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    The Emerald Isle express consisting of the RPSI Cravens and hauled by retro locomotive 073 is seen here arriving at Tara junction station at the beginning of its week long tour,
  6. Correct-075 was heading for the paint shop I was told.
  7. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    For the eighteenth 071 on Tara junction I chose to model the recently refurbished locomotive 0117072, The loco was originally in black and silver livery-so a repaint was necessary, and transfers were purchased from the Railtec range, I also purchased a sound chip from Mr Soundguy which has the excellent Real drive feature and is a real pleasure to operate-Thanks to Keith and Eamonn for the test drive of his loco on his layout at the Wexford exhibition last Easter,.. Here are a few photos of the loco being examined before entering traffic at the MPD and in the company of 071,073,080,082,083,077,229,215,220 and visiting NIR 112. After the loco underwent some static testing the shed foreman is seen signing the release to traffic form and handing it to the locomotive fleet controller.
  8. ttc0169

    The buses of Tara Jctn.

    Slowly getting there.........
  9. ttc0169

    Ashburton Grove.

    08 672 and 56 070 are pictured here on the depot at Ashburton grove getting serviced before the evening shift begins. The 56 then departs the depot.
  10. ttc0169

    First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Fantastic looking wagon-well done again lads-the detail alone on the bogies is superb...😀
  11. 0117072 is next up to be released to traffic after its body work overhaul and repaint.
  12. ttc0169

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Monday 28/05/2018, 081 hauls the DFDS CPW liner across the Moy bridge on the Ballina branch just south of Foxford station in which was the second last week of its operation.
  13. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    As the billboard says 'Take one to relieve stress'-Loco 087 runs around the CIE Supertrain Mk3s at Tara junction station having replaced 086, Belmond liveried locomotive 216 is seen here at the MPD where it will receive an exam before returning to Heuston to work this weeks Grand Hibernian tour:

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