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  1. Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    Always one of the better exhibitions and hopefully one that I will attend again this year all going well..
  2. Union Pacific Loco Storage.

    And I thought 10 stored 201s were bad in this country but 4 1/2 miles of stored locomotives......
  3. Ashburton Grove.

    Not a great start to 2018 when 56 070 failed at the factory sidings, 08 672 is seen here hauling the failed 56 to the MPD for attention, Later on the 08 returned to shunt the wagons from the factory sidings to the loop in preparation for the two class 20s to work the train forward. In the meantime a HST screams by with the up Highland Chieftain.
  4. Tara Junction.

    And the wanderer is still taking photos out that window.... Thanks jhb, i am working on an RPSI steam special for the future. Thanks bantree,as you can see I like lots of activity.with passenger and freight trains operating around the four track circuit,I now have the added bonus of shunting at the Lakeview freight yard...
  5. Tara Junction.

    Hi Enda- the Sperry/weed spray train are from the Irish freight models range. Hi Raymond-they were copied from old CIE/IR timetabes which I collect and were scaled up or down to suit the layout.
  6. Tara Junction.

    The 2018 operating season started with the RPSI running a charter utilising their Craven coaches and BR GSV 3185 being hauled by B141. It also saw retro 071 shunt the bogie spoil wagons to the loop platform to allow the release of the Sperry/weed spray train for its first tour of the system, The spoil wagons were later collected by 0117078.
  7. Dugort Harbour

    An excellent choice and era JHB,I am personally delighted that you are proceeding with your layout, I'm sure you won't regret it, Looking forward to seeing Dugort harbour develop and the best of luck with it.
  8. Please vote for IRM!!

    Done ,best of luck gentlemen.
  9. Tara Junction.

    Happy Christmas from the management and staff of a very busy Tara Junction..... A selection of images from an extensive Christmas eve operation
  10. Tara Junction.

    Thank you gentlemen for your comments, I forgot to mention I replaced the wipers on NIR loco 112 with some etched ones-they are a big improvement on the originals which can be seen on 8113, 073 has the etched ones also.
  11. Tara Junction.

    Some operating fun on Tara junction earlier,retro 073 arrives at the Lakeview freight yard with the empty timber train, Now we know what the postman was waiting for....NIRs.112+8113 in multiple working mode operate the IE bogie spoil wagons seen here waiting for the up Enterprise-9001+8208 to overtake. Enterprise loco 209 is a rare sight on the two axle ballast hopper wagons-which are seen being shunted to the per way sidings
  12. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Excellent work Noel, just the right amount of weathering which is not overdone-look forward with interest to your 3173 conversion
  13. Karl's Workbench

    Well done Karl, I'm sure your son will like it
  14. Tara Junction.

    Spot the postman on the bridge-he must have inside information about a special movement.......I wonder what he is waiting for????
  15. Tara Junction.

    Some photos and a video from the new Lakeview freight depot at Tara junction,

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