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  1. ttc0169


    They are the stored air braked bogie shale wagons which are similar to the Tara's but without the lids and have been parked on the up sidings at Limerick that you probably seen Noel-and you would have been travelling on a 2800 railcar into Limerick as it was highly unlikely that a 2600 railcar was used for the shuttle
  2. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    A rare move took place earlier on Tara junction when the Enterprise was delayed at platform 2 with door trouble ,the following Mk4 service which was hauled by Belmond liveried locomotive 216 was routed around the Enterprise to serve platform 3,it then operated in advance of the Enterprise which in turn followed five minutes later.
  3. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    Unfortunately not Dave-and is HO.
  4. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    A box arrived a few weeks ago from a model shop in Germany.....and from its contents I built this.....and then after some weathering put it to work..... A late Saturday night possession on Tara junction seen some ballasting of the relief lines with 0117076 hauling a HOBS train which discharged ballast along the down main line followed by the on track machine which spread the ballast evenly all under the direction of Tommy the Permanent way inspector....
  5. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    And so....the first batch of the superbly designed and manufactured Tara wagons arrived today at Tara junction to undergo trial runs and platform clearance, Here we see retro liveried locomotive 071 haul the short four wagon consist on a gauge clearance special around the layout, Thanks very much to the lads at IRM HQ for these superbly detailed wagons, well done from a delighted customer. I removed the tension lock coupling on the rear wagon to glue the vacuum brake pipe into position and also and more importantly was the fitting of the two red tail lamps to complete the set of wagons.
  6. ttc0169


    Photos taken from the Navan branch-just outside Navan Well done Eamonn..
  7. ttc0169

    Robert's Workbench

    Love the ratchet detail being picked out in silver,really makes a difference-nice one Robert.
  8. ttc0169

    New book - Irish Railway memories

    I purchased my copy from the IRRS stand at the Warley exhibition last weekend and can highly recommended it.
  9. ttc0169

    Tara Junction.

    After a recent spate of failures on the real railway to a locomotive and a permanent way machine,071 locomotives were dispatched to recover the failed units back to their respective depots for repair, I was fortunate to be able to recreate both scenes in model form. When 201 class locomotive 234 failed in Ballina retro liveried locomotive 071 was sent from Inchicore to haul the locomotive back, Here we see 071 hauling 234 through Tara junction station, Again when track recording inspection car EM50 failed at Boyle station, locomotive 080 was sent from Connolly station to haul the machine back to North wall and ultimately Kildare plant shop. Here we see the unusual sight of 080 hauling EM50 in the opposite direction through Tara junction station.
  10. ttc0169

    Ashburton Grove.

    I was delighted finally to get my hands on a Dapol HST Intercity 125 book set in its iconic blue and grey livery, It is a fantastic model and is certainly no comparison to the Graham farish version which I also have, The power cars have directional lighting and a smooth running motor, I also purchased three weathered TTA tanker wagons which are seen here delivering fuel to the MPD behind 47 635.
  11. ttc0169

    Deltic in 4mm, By Accurascale

    Well done to the team at Accurascale for an excellent presentation and display last Saturday.
  12. ttc0169


    Some shady looking characters here...... Well done lads with the announcement of the Deltic-I was delighted to be there at the launch and to witness a very professional team in operation. Here are a few photos of an enjoyable day out...
  13. ttc0169

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Well done gents-a fantastic looking plough van. Really like the addition of the red tail lamps.

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