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  1. Please vote for IRM!!

    I better follow the tactics then.
  2. Happy Christmas to all IRM.comers

    Well, what can I say after that only Happy Christmas one and all.
  3. Surprise, surprise, my orange bubbles have just been delivered. My first impression is that they are every bit as good as the ivory wagons. All the above discussion has been very interesting, culminating in the photo posted by Garfield. They are here now, looking good and waiting for their first run on the layout.
  4. Granby bus ads

    Ah yes, those adds were very prominent weren't they.
  5. Mk 2a's

    So would I, Railer.
  6. Ah, yes, they look really good and will make another excellent addition to my railway
  7. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Just received packs C and D today, thanks for sending them on. They were definetely worth the wait.
  8. IRM Cement Bubble Wagons

    I can't add anything to what has already been said but just wanted to say well done again.
  9. PowerBase

    Has anyone used this new product from DCC Concepts? It appears to improve haulage capacity on gradients. The only problem seems to be that the steel plates have to be fixed under the track. Easy for a new layout but a bit more work when everything is in place.
  10. Local Heroes

    I see that Joe Duffy will be helping the men of Boyle to build a model railway in this week's programme. http://www.rte.ie/ten/listings/32179920_tv_Local_Heroes
  11. Contacting Silver Fox

    Would anyone know why I haven't been able to get a response to emails sent to John Hazleton since early March?
  12. Excited train guy

    I could understand this if it was a 121
  13. Great Continental Railway Journeys

    I see Michael is setting off across La Manche from 7pm tomorrow on BBC2. Hopefully he might take a look at the trains while he is there.
  14. Hillsborough 96

    Some appaling revelations by the panel set up to investigate the Disaster. David Cameron has just appologised to the families of the victims in the UK Parliament. The entire cover up and the false accusations have been laid bare for everyone to see. The tragedy has hung over everyone involved for 23 years due to the injustice of the official response. Even the inquest verdicts have now been thrown into doubt. It is not just the families and people of Liverpool who have had this cloud hanging over them but the fans too who were accused of being drunk, fighting the police and stealing from the dead. Cameron dismissed all these allegations outright today. Justice for the 96
  15. Promotional video on this link:

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