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  1. Tarabuses

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Have you changed the numbers for the IR Dayglo locos? I have them listed as 051 and 024.
  2. Tarabuses

    Trying to complete

    That engine looks like Tri-ang Hornby model R753 which is available second hand from Hattons and on ebay.
  3. Tarabuses

    The Great Model Railway Challenge - Channel 5

    Well, it was hard enough to follow three layouts being constructed each episode but now there will be five.😃
  4. Tarabuses

    The Great Model Railway Challenge - Channel 5

    Having seen episode 4 I might have to eat some of my words. I think all three challengers were better than the previous heat winners. A pity they had to meet each other at this stage. The only mishap was a wayward lorry but there were plenty of trains running and some good scenic work on show.
  5. Tarabuses

    The buses of Tara Jctn.

    Yes, Derek's latest Atlantean release is a very nice model. It is nice to see all the Poot's kits displayed in your depot.
  6. Tarabuses

    The Great Model Railway Challenge - Channel 5

    I have been disappointed by it to be honest. Very little modelling has been shown, unless you want to incorporate silly items on your layout. The cameras seem to prefer to focus on derailments rather than the detail of models.
  7. Tarabuses

    Murphy Models 121

    I have to agree with Noel that all we are looking for is some communication with customers about a model that has been announced. No criticism of MM is inferred nor any underestimation of the considerable work involved in bringing the 121 project to fruition. A simple "the model has been delayed" would suffice if it was accompanied by a statement that the project was still progressing.
  8. Tarabuses

    42ft Container Flats Pre-orders begin this weekend at Raheny!

    Quite right. They probably have phones already but you don't have any container flats 😉.
  9. Tarabuses

    Jim Poots buses

    Yes, that E class looks very good even before being built. Jim should be at the Raheny show this weekend.
  10. Tarabuses


    It is photos like those that make me wish I had a time machine just to visit railway scenes that will never be seen again.
  11. Tarabuses

    CIE Livery R.758 Hornby

    My understanding is that R758 was the original British Railways model of the Hymek while R768 was used for the Irish "variant".
  12. Tarabuses

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    That looks very good as a first engineering sample and the colour is a novelty.
  13. Tarabuses

    Going to the Ploughing?

    Why, what was in the box?
  14. Tarabuses

    Murphy Model spares

    Yes, replacement 141 handrails would do me too and a couple of horns.

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