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  1. As if answering my question I see an update today on Facebook. No completion date but certainly progress.
  2. Any update on January ?
  3. The photos are, of course, much larger than the model and so exagerates the errors. I have the model as released by Asianbus but it was only available as route 203. It is great to now have a second option on route 202. http://modelbuszone.co.uk/britbus/sd/mrl/mrl-10.htm
  4. Tarabuses


  5. Great news and a surprising "variation on a theme".
  6. There is another thread relating to the problem you have. I understand that this may have been due to a faulty decoder as a replacement worked normally.
  7. Then there is, of course, THE proper Irish bus.
  8. Yes, the WV would be a good choice.
  9. Happy Christmas to veryone here.
  10. I'll make sure they sell well by placing my order.
  11. I was expecting a Railink bus model but thought it would be from someone else. Any more plans for bus models?
  12. An unusual occurance for a railway modelling item.
  13. Great surprise for a Good Friday.
  14. I'm afraid RTE in general have been ramping up the hystreria over the last week or so. I do not understand why they feel that they have to give air time to all the nonsense that is being spread about coronavirus.
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